Black Women Are Not the Only Individuals Who Need Relationship Advice!

I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED! At one point in my writing career, I focused specifically on giving Black women advice about dating. At the time I thought I was doing something noble, but now that I have been in the profession for some time and had an opportunity to explore the works of many writers, I have realized that writing to Black women has become the popular thing to do.

Today I did a search on Google with the words “Black Dating Advice” and not surprisingly, six of the ten links that displayed addressed Black women. If I was a Martian from another planet and landed on earth without any knowledge about Black people, I would naturally assume that Black women were the problem in relationships based on the number of articles written to them.

Unfortunately, a lot of us do not fully address the totality of relationship issues in the Black community because one cannot find a solution to a problem if all parties are not addressed. As I have always been told, it takes two to tango and there are two sides to every story. For anyone who has aspirations of getting into the business of giving relationship advice or if you are currently giving relationship advice, realize that this business should not be about building your name on the back of the easy target, Black Women. Tons of writers, movie directors, and authors have built themselves on the back of our sistas, so let’s not become a part of this trend. I am not saying that we should not write to our sistas, but I propose that we also focus on Black men because the brothas also have dating challenges.

I am fully aware that writing to brothas may not be the popular thing to do and that articles addressing them may not get as many views, but if you are really in the profession for the purpose of providing resources for others, you will write so that men will have resources available when they decide to seek advice. In conclusion, I challenge you to not only focus on writing to the sistas; instead, consider reaching out to the brothas.


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Dr. Corey Guyton
Dr. Corey Guyton, "The Genuine Scholar" is dedicated to providing positive and inspirational commentary about the topics he is most passionate about. More specifically, he is very committed to giving advice about and reporting on current events, relationships, natural hair, academics, and life.