Finding A Need And Filling It Interview with Pastor Sherman Scott [Episode #27]

Pastor Sherman Scott on Black Life Coaches

Pastor Sherman Scott of Life Changer’s Christian Church chose to focus on the mission to change lives.

Pastor Sherman Scott was interviewed by Black Life Coaches’ Network. The focus of the interview was Black men and women in Christian ministry, and how excellent Christian ministers find a point of passion on which to focus their ministry efforts. Mrs. Freeman asked Pastor Scott to expound upon the question of how he and his wife decided three main things: First, what issues they wanted their ministry to most focus on; second, who they most wanted to reach with their ministry, and third, what was their ministry’s purpose?

Pastor Scott and his wife Sharon moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Boston, Massachusetts. The Scotts have led Life Changers’ Christian Church in neighboring Marietta since 2007. When asked about their own point of passion lending itself to a mission for their church, he explained that they chose to focus on “the mission to change lives, strengthen families, and impact communities,” by connecting people, “first and foremost, back to God, and secondly back to their families.” The aim of strengthening these fundamental relationships is to then have those people with the strengthened connections bring the benefits of their faith and connectedness to family and community members.

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Highlights from the interview:

  • Pastor Scott said that he found a great need in Georgia for strengthening families through empowering the men of the community and putting them back into their place at the head of the family. “If there’s going to be a paradigm shift,” he stated, “then there’s no way to do it but to restore the man into his rightful position (in the family). If we’re going to build strong, viable families, then we must get the males back in the picture and rehabilitate them.” Life-Changers’ Christian Church not only offers programs for men’s spiritual development, but also personal and life skills development.
  • When asked about how he and his wife discovered the process and the system that they decided to put into place in their ministry, Pastor Scott said that they really had to pray on the area they had moved to. “We had to really understand the needs of that area,” Scott stated, “because oftentimes when other people come into an area, they don’t know the needs of the area, and they try to force themselves, or their ministry, on the area… and the area is really crying out for something different.”
  • Pastor Scott laid out the foundation of Life Changers’ ministry, sharing his belief that there are three types of relationships that every person needs in life to be whole: Someone pouring into them, to nourish, build up, and guide them down the right path; someone like friends who are on the same level and experiencing the same things as them; and someone to pour into, such as a person they mentor, or family and children. He explained that so many men in the Black community lack one or more of these foundational relationships, and so not only do they struggle, but they are unable to be leaders or mentors to others who need support and counsel.
  • Asked to provide some guidance to ministers in growing churches, with questions about what they can do to focus their own ministries, Reverend Scott gave two pieces of advice. “One of the most valuable things a person can do is find themselves,” he explained. “Oftentimes we try to mimic others, we try to become somebody else… If you find yourself, there is a value that you have, that you can leave as your signature in this earth, that says, ‘my life counted because I fulfilled the mission that God has called me to.’” Secondly he says ministries must find a need and fill it. For instance, if a church is in a drug-riddled area and that church does not have a drug ministry, the minister there is missing his or her calling. “Find out why you are planted where you’re planted,” he advised. “What is germane to your ground and your calling? If you do that, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of purpose.”

Pastor Sherman Scott’s Life Changers’ Christian Church can be fount at 1839 Powder Springs Road in Marietta, GA. They can also be found online at


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