Food, Sex and Peace of Mind Interview with Chey B. [Episode #38]

Chey B on Black Life Coaches

Interview with life and relationship coach, mentor, and author Chey B. regarding his relationship coaching program and his new book, “Food, Sex, and Peace of Mind: What a Woman Needs to Know to Keep a Man.” They discussed Chey B.’s “insider’s perspective” on what is important to men in long-term relationships, and how women can meet and keep a quality man of substance in their lives.

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Highlights from the Interview

  • There are seven habits of highly effective relationships: Respect, Love, Trust, Loyalty, Honesty, Support, and Communication. Without those seven things coming from both partners in a relationship, the relationship is destined for failure.
  • Chey says that the title of his book is really what men are looking for in a long-term relationship: Food, Sex, and Peace of Mind. Peace of mind is the biggest factor, because men can get food and sex anywhere, but a man wants to know that a woman will add value to his life, not stress. Men want a partner who is loving, kind, understanding, patient, and supportive.
  • Although the book is written for women to read, Chey says it is also reaching the men, because as women work on themselves and make efforts to improve their relationships, men will be “reading the women,” and learns from example.
  • Getting to know yourself is the key to strong relationships, because you are the common denominators of every relationship you are in. It is important for women to build up confidence and self worth, and understand their own strengths and priorities. We also need to look at attitudes and beliefs we learned from family and past relationships – and decide if these things are what we really believe.
  • Chey B.’s passion to help others in their relationships comes from a personal epiphany he had when he was alone, homeless, and unemployed in the lowest time of his life. He said sometimes your breakthroughs come after your breakdowns. He realized during his own self-described “complete breakdown” that he had to reinvent himself, build up his independence, esteem, and confidence, and begin sowing seeds of success by using his gift of talking, inspiring, and motivating to help others.

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