Inspire, Empower, and Transform Your Life with Nicole Roberts Jones [Episode #39]

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Speaker, author, and empowerment coach Nicole Roberts Jones has been pursuing her life’s passion and purpose – to help women achieve their maximum potential by discovering their own true path – for over twenty years. She talked with Towanna Freeman on BLCTV about her experiences in defining herself and finding her own passion, and discussed some of the foundations behind her life success messages.

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Highlights of the Interview:

  • When asked about how she began coaching and motivational speaking, Mrs. Roberts Jones related that the life she is living now was not planned. Her first career was in television and film, but only because that was what others in her life had said she should pursue. She realized her true passion when she volunteered with a youth group, and had the epiphany that it is really the choices we make that dictate the life we live. She was suddenly “on fire,” wanting every young woman to understand that they had the power to choose.
  • When she realized where her passion was leading her, she says she finally “met herself”: She had been living life as defined by others, but had never stopped to figure out who she was, or what she wanted from life. The experience is the basis of her book, “Define Your Own Way,” a guide with workable strategies to help women find for themselves who they are meant to be.
  • It is important to be honest and accepting about who we have been and the things we have been through, both good and bad. Mrs. Roberts Jones calls this “the Stew of You.” The mistakes we’ve made and the kind of person we have been – no matter how bad – become a part of our ability to make different choices. We have to blend all aspects of ourselves just right. We must accept and get over the “sour”, and use it along with the “sweet” to become uniquely qualified to discover and play the role we are meant to play in our lives.
  • The basis of defining your own life and achieving your own kind of success is self love and self confidence. You have to build your “I love myself muscle.” You have to begin to understand what your gifts are, what your purpose is in using those gifts, and how to love yourself through even the ugliest or most hurtful parts of your experiences.
  •  Nicole Roberts Jones says her messages are relatable for women in all areas of life: mothers, young people in school, bosses, or women in the workforce. For so many women, success is defined by everything else: job, kids, husband, home… and they forget to focus on themselves first to know who they really are and what is most important.

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