If You Really Knew Me, You Would Know… Interview with Dr. Donald Morton [Episode #45]

Dr. Donald Morton on Black Life CoachesTowanna Freeman spoke recently with Dr. Donald Morton, Lead Pastor and Founder of Perfected Life Church, and author of the book, “Faces: The Evolution of Authenticity.” Dr. Morton’s book is the story of his own journey through major transitions he struggled with and life-changing decisions he made.

The basis of Dr. Morton’s book is that he had an extramarital affair. He says he was an immature male who did not know how to manage the height to which God had brought him. It is hard enough for a person to manage a personal life, but even more of a challenge when there is the expectation of “perfection” to which we hold church leaders.

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Highlights from the Interview

  • He says in a church, there is an expectation that the pastor will always be the upright one, there to help and guide “the pew” in their crucial life choices. What is often missed is that pastors also have frailties and personal transitions with which they struggle. Unfortunately, in the collective mind of churchgoers, pastors are not allowed to struggle or express their own humanness. Dr. Morton says that, because he did not have a space in which he could express his own personal humanity, he sought it out in an inappropriate relationship.
  • One of the main things that brought about Dr. Morton’s destructive choice was that, as a pastor and as a husband, he was the perpetual caregiver. He saw it as his responsibility in every relationship to make others happy and fulfill their needs. His book is an exploration of what can happen when someone is not walking fully in his own truth or being his authentic self. Dr. Morton reminds us that the Bible says to “love your neighbor,” but gives the barometer upon which we are to determine how much of ourselves to give: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” The degree to which you can love anybody has everything to do with how much you care about yourself.
  • When you realize you are doing wrong, or living according to bad life choices, you must:
    1. Decide to do things differently
    2. Do something (make the changes that need to be made)
    3. Have others around you in your life who will hold you accountable – This means you must be completely honest with those closest to you, and stop trying to put on false faces.

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Find out more about Dr. Donald Morton at www.donaldmorton.org


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Dr. Donald Morton
In addition to being the Senior Pastor and Founder of Perfected Life Church in Wilmington, Delaware, Donald Morton is also a trailblazer when it comes to community awareness, empowerment, and action. He is also the author of "Faces: The Evolution of Authenticity."