Making Money For Teens Interview with Jordan Williams and Brandon Iverson [Episode #42]

The dynamic teen entrepreneurial duo of Jordan Williams and Brandon Iverson are co-administrators of the successful website,, a platform to inspire and help other young people to start businesses and follow their passions.  The young men decided to go into business together at the age of 10. Their fathers are both entrepreneurs, and they learned and found inspiration by watching their dads.  Their very first business was “Kids’ Toys, Inc.,” selling unwanted toys and games online. In 2011, they launched Making Money for Teens.

Highlights from the Interview:

  • The young business partners aggressively use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – where they are likely to reach the largest number of young people — to brand themselves and their products and spread their brand messages. They are self-taught, having learned their marketing tactics from watching other successful entrepreneurs and by trying different things themselves to see what works.
  • The young men have co-authored a motivational book entitled, “Who Needs an Allowance? A Teen’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business.” It is part testimonial about how they were inspired to pursue their passion, and part “how-to” guide detailing the steps they took to pursue their success. Jordan also recently published his own book, “The Teenpreneur Guide to Marketing,” about how young business-people can market their businesses, products, and ideas on a small budget.
  • Asked about working together, Jordan discussed the importance of working with a partner, and recognizing and complementing each other’s talents. Brandon is the technology expert of the two, who knows how to do things such as build a successful website, while Jordan focuses more on the marketing. He says on top of the way they complement each other’s skill sets, they also enjoy working as partners because running a business with a best friend makes it fun.
  • Brandon and Jordan belong to an organization called “Independent Youth,” a network of teen entrepreneurs from around the country. They draw inspiration and ideas from talking with like-minded teens in the network, collaborating and sharing tips for successful marketing. Both boys feel it is important for young people to find mentors to motivate and guide them in pursuing their talents and passions.
  • Both of the young men say their families keep them grounded. They have supportive families with Christian values, and they are always reminded to give God the glory for everything they achieve. That humility and a good attitude keeps them on a positive path and able to handle success with grace and maturity. The boys say their parents always taught them the value of self-discipline, so from the beginning they have always put school first, then the business, then sports and social time.
  • When asked about “life after high school,” Jordan said he plans to go to college to major in business and marketing, and then hopes to start his own marketing agency. Brandon plans to attend college for either business management or engineering. They plan to continue running, and hope to take their brand message worldwide and eventually expand to form spin off companies as well.

Jordan Williams’ older sister is also an entrepreneur. Her internet marketing website,, helps businesses increase their customer traffic through internet marketing techniques and social media marketing.

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