Opening Doors With Young Black Minds with Lauren Anderson [Episode #41]

Lauren Anderson on Black Life Coaches

Young entrepreneur Lauren Anderson spoke on BLCTV, to discuss her groundbreaking motivational speakers’ bureau, Young Black Minds. The mission of the for-profit organization is to inspire young people to “live beyond their dreams” through motivational speaking and inspirational entertainment. The messages the speakers deliver are cross-cultural, not limited to African American youth alone.

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Highlights of the Interview:

  • Young Black Minds was created to inspire young people to reach for their dreams, no matter what their life circumstances or environment may be. The goal is not only to motivate, but also to give youth the guidance, resources, and tools to accomplish their dreams. YBM speakers also work with businesses and other organizations whose clientele or target audience are young people
  • Lauren Anderson chose the specific focus for her speakers’ bureau based upon her own experience as a young person from the Bronx, NYC, where she dealt with pressures from peers and others in the urban community to engage in unhealthy, dangerous, or self-defeating activities. She realized the importance of positive role models for young people facing similar pressures.
  • When she began college, Lauren sought out mentors who could both guide her with advice and support her with the kinds of positive messages she needed to remain focused on her goals. She discovered a passion for providing the same advantage mentorship and positive role models that contributed so much in her own life.
  • Member speakers of Young Black Minds are people from all walks of life. Lauren seeks out people who young black minds logo re particularly charismatic speakers, and who relate well with a young audience. She recruited her first few speakers from the network of people she had come to know in college, including one of her own graduate school professors from Roosevelt University.

Because Lauren Anderson is a new face in the speakers’ bureau industry, Towanna Freeman and BLCTV are going to support her cause by showcasing many of Young Black Minds’ speakers in an effort provide exposure and increase the chance of bookings.

You can view Young Black Minds’ roster of speakers at, or Follow them on Twitter @youngblackmind1, or Like their Facebook page, Young Black Minds, LLC.


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