Black Women, Let’s Relax and Get Healthy Interview with Chef Timothy Moore [Episode #47]

Towanna Freeman recently talked with wellness life coach and author, Chef Timothy Moore. Chef Timothy is a member of Black Life Coaches Network. He has his own cooking show, as well as a number of publications about changing your life with nutrition and exercise, including “47 Tips to Reverse Your Diabetes,” “Vegan Eat What?” and “No Oil, No Salt, No Sugar.”

Chef Timothy started out in nutrition due to his own lifestyle-related health issues. As a young man just out of college, his weight mushroomed from 200 lbs. to over 360 lbs, and he developed weight- and lifestyle-related ailments including hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Doctors kept putting him on medications to treat these ailments, instead of telling him to change his lifestyle. Finally deciding that he had to take control of his health or die before the age of 35, he learned about nutrition, made changes in his life, and lost over 150 lbs, getting off of all of his medications as a result.

Highlights from the Interview:

  • Chef Timothy’s books about lifestyle and nutrition are written in terms that will not intimidate average readers. He couches nutritional and lifestyle advice in ways that make people want to make changes for themselves. He understands that it is difficult to give up creature comforts, so he introduces changes that make cooking and eating fun, with easy, interesting, and delicious recipes.
  • Although anyone can use the information in Chef Timothy’s books to improve their health, he is especially able to relate to the African American community. He “speaks the language,” having grown up within the community himself, and understands the cultural tastes and mindset. Many of the healthy recipes he suggests include flavors and dishes that are a part of the African American culture, but with healthy changes.
  • The African American community is suffering an epidemic of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. 80% of all African American women are obese, 37% suffer high blood pressure, and 1 in 4 die from high blood pressure. One in every three African American children are diabetic today.
  • The number one thing that needs to change for African American women is that they need to learn how to relax, and take care of themselves emotionally and physically. They need to take time for themselves, and learn to add regular exercise into their lives. Many women are embarrassed to get out there exercising when they are overweight and out of shape; finding a peer group with similar issues who are actively making changes can help women get past this.

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Chef Timothy Moore
Dr. Timothy K. Moore is a plant-based chef who is an expert in diabetes and the facilitation of wellness and nutrition. He has developed international awareness programs that provide both nutritional education and culinary training for personal and professional use.