How Making Small Decisions Can Renew Your Life Interview with Dr. Laureen Wishom [Episode #49]

Towanna Freeman recently spoke with Dr. Laureen Wishom, an award-winning Growth, Success, & Acceleration and Healthy Living & Lifestyle Coach. Dr. Wishom is the author of “Fit, Fine, & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life,” a book that presents the most challenging aspects of making changes in different areas of life, along with what you have to do step by step to meet those challenges.

How Making Small Decisions Can Renew Your Life

Highlights from the Interview:

  • Dr. Wishom’s book about how to make positive, radical decisions when presented with new or upsetting circumstances in life came about from her own personal experiences. She began with wanting to lose 55 lbs. that she had gained due to medically-prescribed steroids. She made a radical decision to take off the weight, readjusted her whole mindset, committed to a clear plan, and achieved her goal. When she saw how her mindset, decisions, and focused actions changed her weight and health, she thought about how the same kind of approach would help her to make positive changes in the other segments of her life as well, and began working toward those changes.
  • Three main ideas of “Fit, Fine, & Fabulous” are Commitment, Clarity, and Consistency. When Dr. Wishom had success in improving her health by consistently working out, she decided to try the same consistency with changes in her business practices, and focused 2-3 hours at a time daily on different areas of her business she wanted to improve upon. Then she also realized a reason for her success with changing her health was due to “clarity” – a clear plan of action – so she applied that concept to her business as well.
  • It is vital that you visualize exactly what outcomes you want to achieve in different areas of your life. If you Reimagine a part of your life, you can Reinvent yourself, then Reemerge as the person you want to be in that area. Dr. Wishom has a Vision Board which she keeps in view in every room of her house, to keep her eye on her goals at all times. She also began with seven empty picture frames to represent her vision of where she wanted to be in seven different areas of her life, and as she achieves her goal in each area, she puts a picture of the accomplishment in the frame. This makes it a targeted envisioning process.
  • Dr. Wishom’s “lifelong mantra” is that you’ve got to maintain a positive attitude. You’ve got to know that in life, fear is always going to be a part of your major decisions, but you have to allow it five minutes and then banish it. You must also learn to overcome obstacles, and not give up when you encounter them. Obstacles are a fact of life, but you have to get to a place where you can say you’ve experienced obstacles before, and you’re not going to let them get you down; you’re just going to keep moving forward despite them. Pay more attention to the end goal than what is standing in your way.
  • Don’t judge your “inside” or who you are based on someone else’s “outside”, or what you see. Don’t copy, compete, or compare, just work on becoming the best YOU you can be. Love who YOU are, and don’t judge yourself based on what you see of somebody else’s life or business success.

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