That Was My Idea! Faith in a Higher Power

that was my ideaHow many times have you read about a new product or some amazing idea and exclaimed out loud “That was my idea!”

It happens all of the time.  We are gifted with tremendous ideas but instead of taking action, we sit them on a shelf and allow them to expire. We grant our personal gremlin the power to talk us out of believing in the brilliance of our ideas.  Or worse, we convince ourselves that we’re incapable of bringing great ideas to life. That’s the gremlin in action; instead of coaching us to greatness, it subverts our belief in ourselves and prevents us from becoming adventurous risk takers. Our job is to claim the truth about ourselves and send the gremlin back to its “native nothingness.”

Here’s a little known secret.  You cannot have faith in a Higher Power and not have faith in yourself.  In other words, you have as much faith in a Higher Power or Higher Being as you have in yourself. This is the way the Divine’s work is done.

Every single thing we experience begins with an idea. Every single thing we have or ever will have will begin with an idea.

An idea fueled one woman’s leap from her career as a Harvard-trained lawyer to best-selling author and life coach. Sticking with a good idea enabled another woman to turn the need for more storage space into a multi-million dollar business.  Ideas come to fruition when we believe in them and take action.  When we follow the divine cues of the universe rather than our negative self talk, the pathway becomes clear.

”What holds most people back isn’t the quality of their ideas, but the lack of faith in themselves” noted Russell Simmons in one of his daily Tweets of wisdom.

Take another look at those ideas.  Dust them off, refresh them.  If they are already in the marketplace or if their time has passed, open yourself to new ideas.  Find out what a little more faith in you can do. Seek out the advice of a mentor or the assistance of a life coach. It might lead to a career change or the road to entrepreneurship.  If not, it won’t be long before you’ll find yourself yelling at an infomercial and the unveiling of the next great product: “That was my idea!”

Make it an empowering and idea filled week.

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Deborah Gray-Young
Coach D. Gray-Young is a Certified Professional Coach trained by one of the premiere coaching schools in the US, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Deborah works with women of color who are emerging or mature leaders who are ready to take bold and decisive action to change the trajectory of their lives. She calls it YOU 3.0.