Where You’ve Been vs. Where You Want To Go


By Deborah Gray-Young

“I need the mindset of where I’m going, but I have the mindset of where I’ve been.  Until you get rid of the mindset of where you’ve been, you will never be able to seize where you’re going.”  Bishop TD Jakes

It’s a rather simple truth on which spiritual leaders, counselors, and coaches all agree: in order to reach a destination, you actually need totravel in the direction of the destination.  If you want to go north, you can’t get there traveling south.  This simple truth applies to our lives as well.  The direction of our lives is fully powered by our mindset. Our mindset is made up of what we believe to be true and possible for us.

If we want to move forward in our career, our business or our personal lives, we can’t possibly get there if we are constantly focused on the past.

Here’s a little known but powerful secret.  At any given moment you can change the trajectory of your life with a single thought, a single choice.  Your mindset makes all the difference in your world.

The list is long of people who changed their mind and changed their lives – from welfare mother to best-selling author; from debilitating physical illness to world-class sprinter.  As a 22 year old woman, Oprah Winfrey drove from Tennessee to Baltimore to pursue a career in television. A few months later, she was dropped from her position as co-anchor. Today the woman whose television career began with the question “what’s an Oprah?” is at the top of the Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity List.

According to Oprah “you are where you are in life because of what you believe is possible for yourself.” Her life is testament that a changed mind can change the trajectory of your life.

So what if you have made some personal or career choices in the past that produced less than desirable results?  There isn’t anything you can do except learn the lesson that came with that experience, forgive yourself and others involved and release it.

Most important, however, is forgiving yourself.  Forgiving yourself, more than anything else, will move you forward.  Whatever happened can’t be undone.

The question now is, what mindset will you choose to fuel your life from this moment on?  What deliberate steps will you take?

The counsel of a trusted friend, a spiritual leader or a life coach can point you in the direction of positive change, but the ultimate decision and action is solely up to you.  Only you can make the choice of how you live and what you think and believe from this moment on.

Which will you choose: The mindset of where you’ve been or the mindset of where you want to go?

Consider coaching as a tool to help you create the change you desire. Working with a coach can help to define and outline your goals and create a personal blueprint for the life you want to live. Not sure how to get started? Give me a call or drop me a note. Learn more about the YOU 3.0 laser coaching program.

Life is about choices.  What will you choose for you today?

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Deborah Gray-Young
Coach D. Gray-Young is a Certified Professional Coach trained by one of the premiere coaching schools in the US, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Deborah works with women of color who are emerging or mature leaders who are ready to take bold and decisive action to change the trajectory of their lives. She calls it YOU 3.0.