How Do I Get Motivated When I Feel Stuck In A Career Rut?

Nicole Roberts Jones – life coach and author of “Define Your Own Way” – provides a series of actionable steps to get anyone out of a career rut. In response to a viewer’s question about getting motivated to start working effectively toward a dream career in acting, Nicole gave some pointed advice.

Here are some of her valuable insights into what works to focus and motivate efforts to make a career move.

  • You must be clear on what you really want. If you really want to act, go for it. If you are unsure of your career choice, start by writing down what you love to do – or ask your closest friends to tell you the three greatest skills and passions they see in you – and then explore available jobs that require those strengths and involve what you love.
  • You need a day job that will fuel your dream, while you are in the process of building it. Often, people working toward a dream will get interim jobs with fluctuating schedules – such as concierge or waiter – so that they can trade shifts or otherwise work their “day job” schedule around classes or opportunities such as auditions.
  • For a major career change or a new beginning, start small. Take one class, or join a community of others in your dream career field. Then add another class, get involved in a project, or even move to a place that will be more conducive to reaching your dream.
  • Create a vision board of all of the things you want in various aspects of your life: health, career, finances, relationships, and spirituality. A vision board is a way to have your vision in front of you, so that when you get frustrated you have an immediate visual reminder of what is most important to you and what your efforts are for. Every day – even bad days – you should look at your vision board and commit to doing at least one thing that puts you in action toward achieving your dreams.
  • Keep a list or journal of affirmations. Some days we are not feeling our best, and we need a way to remind ourselves of the best parts of ourselves, and to affirm that we can achieve what we desire. Choose or make up statements or sayings that remind you of your best, uplift you when you are down, and remind you of the good things which can come out of adversity.

If you feel you are in a rut, you can get yourself out of it. Set your sights on a career that uses your skills and involves your passions, then stick with it, and do everything you can and everything it takes to fuel your dream.

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Dr. Towanna Freeman
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