New Online Community for ‘Fierce’ Black Women Interview with Yanick Rice Lamb [Episode #50]

Towanna Freeman interviewed journalist, educator, and entrepreneur Yanick Rice Lamb, publisher of a new website, Ms. Rice Lamb and site co-founder Sheree Crute created Fierce to bring the stories and interests of busy, vibrant, and influential Black women into the limelight, and offer advice and resources to help Black women 35 and over remain healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

Highlights from the Interview

  • is aimed at Black women in their prime. The vast majority of websites and social media platforms for Black women focus primarily on beauty, fashion, and gossip, and target the younger demographic. Ms. Rice Lamb says that she had been approached numerous times by women looking for more substance.
  • The focus for Fierce is health and well-being, with a holistic approach. Physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual health and growth are all a part of the core values behind Fierce.
  • One motivation behind FierceForBlackWomen is the amount of negative press about Black women in today’s media, showing them as angry, unhealthy, aggressive, and overweight. Constant bombardment with these messages can hurt women’s psyches and wear down self-esteem. Fierce is an effort to counteract some of these negative messages, by looking at the positive things created and perpetuated by determined, smart Black women.
  • Fierce wants to reach readers wherever they are, so they have accounts on all the major social media platforms, and work with reader-ambassadors to plan live events in African American communities. Ambassadors are encouraged to promote local meetups for exercise, healthy happy hours, spa trips, financial makeover workshops, or girlfriend getaways – any activity that may enlighten, empower, and/or entertain.
  • The Fierce Manifesto: To be fierce is to be fit, fabulous, healthy, powerful, joyous, and peaceful. To discover great health and to experience how it enriches your life. To embrace all that is wonderful about being a Black woman, to live your dreams, celebrate your strengths, and appreciate your own true beauty. It means being confident and unapologetically you.

Fierce is seeking contributors, investors, advertisers, reader ambassadors, and comments and critiques from readers as well. The goal is to grow a “large, fierce circle of sisters,” with a lot of smaller, offshoot circles as well – keeping in touch with each other around common interests and common concerns. Fans and readers can reach them to give feedback through’s social media sites, as well as via email at

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