Expressing Your ‘Remarkable Factor’ Will Help You Market Your Business Better

A listener recently asked for advice regarding how to expand her handmade jewelry business beyond her current customer base.

“I started my handmade jewelry business back in march and I have a decent client base made up of my friends and some people that I have reached through the internet, but I love to make jewelry and I want my business to grow faster. I run as many free ads as possible and I have a free drawing every month where I give away jewelry.”

Entrepreneur and business coach Denise J. Hart responded with some cogent, helpful, and specific ideas for successful expansion:

  • Evaluate your online presence, including your website, apps, and social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. You should create an online environment that is welcoming, and that truly expresses your “remarkable factor.”
  • If you merely regurgitate the ordinary, you will not gain the social media ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ that will help your sales to improve and your online presence to grow. A “remarkable factor” for jewelry, for example, could be its exquisiteness, or its unique and eclectic style.
  • Know your core message – why you are crafting your product. In this way, you will become much more clear about who you want to reach and why.
  • Focus your marketing on natural “seasons,” or life events during which people want to purchase your product. You can also create a campaign that gets customers excited about buying your product for a specific event.
  • Create a tight, professional presence on Etsy – one of the top online spaces for the sale of handmade goods – to showcase how your product is unique and remarkable.
  • Stay in touch with your customers. Cultivating a social media fan base will encourage previous customers to continue to talk about your product, spread your brand message, and share links to your site.

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Denise J. Hart
Denise, Momentum Expert & Reinvention Strategist, is fulfilling her life's purpose to help women experience financial freedom and personal and professional success. She helps women entrepreneurs create 6 Figure Success and get laser focused on what's next with key systems and strategies: Sales, Marketing, Branding, Mindset and Public Speaking.