When Adversity Creates Purpose Interview with Yannik McKie [Episode #51]

Towanna Freeman interviews Yannik McKie, inspirational speaker and author, who hasn’t become a great man of God overnight.

“… We want fast gain and quick reward forgetting how precise, yet and dawdling the LAW can be.”


Towanna set’s the stage so that Yannik can uncover a lesson that will launch anyone who is rid with worry and problems to wherever they choose to go in timely matter. View this entire interview as Yannik shows the power behind having a “Birds Eye View” mentality in dealing with problems.


Highlights From The Interview:

In this interview we learn the power of analyzing tough times with positivity. Yannik McKie, author of “Living In The Shadows, Adversity Creates Purpose”, shares how he didn’t get the help he needed right away, which resulted into some deplorable decisions he made. He reveals the power behind stopping and gathering yourself. “Reactions can cloud our judgment and lead us to do some terrible things, which is why we must tap into this power of analyzing and reflection.”


It is obviously easier to win when you’re on a hot streak or have momentum. Yet what happens when you’re halted and things seem to be closing in on you? According to Yannik, these down times we call tragedies can easily be just as empowering as a hot streak. Which is why he places an importance on embracing the tough times.

Learn from it: Whether you’re suffering from abuse, financial difficulties, and the list goes on… Understand there is a lesson. If you can learn that lesson and use it during the next few steps of life, then you’ll be able to do what Yannik calls Launching.

Launch:  A term used for Rocket Ships. These massive machines don’t take off a runway like planes. They Launch, into the sky with POWER to a degree of being almost unstoppable. As you analyze, learn, and apply Yannik’s lessons you’ll be building momentum and becoming stronger. With this new strength and mindset you don’t want to step out, but launch out to the next phase leaving no doubt that you’re moving to your next destination.


Towanna Freeman wraps up this amazing interview allowing Yannik McKie to give us the next step of this lesson and philosophy. You can grab his book “Living In The Shadows” from Amazon and look forward to his new documentary coming out which is sure to be a winner.

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Dr. Towanna Freeman
As a much sought after speaker and leadership development coach, Towanna Freeman is also the creator of BlackLifeCoaches.net. She is also the co-author of an award winning book, Purposeful Action, 7 Steps to Fulfillment.