6 Effective Tips To Construct A Vision Board with Nicole Roberts Jones [Episode #52]

Dr. Towanna Freeman spoke with life coach Nicole Roberts Jones to discuss how to create and use a vision board. A vision board is a tool you can use to put your dreams and goals in front of you, so that you are reminded at a glance of the intentions you have set for yourself and what you are working toward.

Mrs. Roberts Jones often encourages her clients to create their own vision board to get their values, desires, dreams, and actions into alignment – and to add to and adjust the images on their board as they achieve movement toward their goals. She had some helpful and inspiring advice about keeping a vision board.

  • A vision board should be kept visible in a central spot, where it can be a constant reminder of your goals. If opportunities or decisions you are considering are not in alignment with what you have on your vision board, you will be more likely to think seriously before making that decision.
  • It is wise not to put too much structure into your vision board, such as putting things in the order in which you want them to happen, or being too specific about goals. Life can throw you some curves, and if things don’t go in the order you have laid out, it can derail your efforts.
  • Put things on your board that show the essence of what is important to you, but leave yourself open to the possibility that what you want could look different from the exact desires you put there. The universe may give you what you want in a form that looks differently from what you expected.
  • She suggests laying out a vision board in quadrants: Health, Career/Finances, Spirituality/mental health, and Relationships. Set your intentions by quarter, and not try to work toward everything at the same time. Also, set small goals for the first 3 months or so, and keep track in a journal of your movement toward those goals. When you know you have done all you can do in an area on your vision board, it is time to add to or change that portion of the board.
  • Think of your Higher Power as a GPS – just decide what your destination is, and then take one small step at a time closer to your goals, without being overly concerned with knowing what the whole trip will consist of. Be in the moment and focus on the step you’re in.
  • For your vision board images, you can use photos of yourself placed into situations you want to see yourself in, or cut out pictures from magazines, or even draw your images. You can also add cut-out or written words or phrases that resonate with you and inspire you in a particular area of your life, or pictures of people who inspire you.

Mrs. Roberts Jones explained that two things are absolutely necessary for an effective vision board: Elevation and Activation. Elevate your thoughts and the words you speak to be in alignment with what you want. Then, activate: Take action NOW, don’t wait for it to happen for you. You should always be in movement and motion toward growth.

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Along with the use of a vision board, it is always a good idea to have a coach in your ongoing effort to be the best you, to help you maintain upward momentum in the important areas of your life. Nicole Roberts Jones has offered to work with any viewer who watched this interview (BLC audience) in a complimentary 30-minute coaching consultation. To learn more, visit www.nicolerobertsjones.com.

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Dr. Towanna Freeman
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