Creating A Mindset For Greatness with Nicholas Dillon [Episode #11]

Dr. Towanna Freeman was joined by author, inspirational speaker, counselor, and corporate trainer Nicholas Dillon in a Coaches’ discussion recently. The interview focused on the seven concepts involved in defining your personal frame of reference in order to move forward in your life.

Highlights of the Interview

  • The concept of “frame of reference” can be defined as an in-depth understanding of an individual. To understand and communicate with an individual, you must first understand where they are coming from. Similarly, to make changes in your own life, you must truly understand where YOU come from and who you are at your core. You have to consider your upbringing, your support, your life experiences, and all of the factors that come into play to make you who you are today.
  • Mr. Dillon has authored a new e-book and related workbook specifically about defining your personal frame of reference: “Do You Know Who You Are?” Each chapter of the book covers one of the seven basic concepts used in defining yourself, and includes a self-assessment. Readers can go through each chapter of the book for guidance in discovering who they really are. The process will help readers to conceptualize their identities – and if their frame of reference is not what they would want it to be, then with that new understanding, they can work to change it.
  • The seven concepts can be remembered with the acronym “BELIEVE”:

Behavior – What drives our overall behavior, such as what we do and say and how we feel and respond to occurrences or people in our lives.

Emotions and Feelings – What causes us to feel the way we feel toward occurrences and people who enter our lives.

Life Experience – What have we experienced and witnessed that helped to form our self-concept?

Image – How do we view ourselves?

Extended family and supportive people – Who do we surround ourselves with? Do we have supportive friends and family or are they holding us back?

Values – Identifying what we truly value in life, in ourselves, and in those around us. Our set of values may have come from our parents, our grandparents, our childhood friends, our early environments. If the values that we have cultivated are holding us back, we can work to develop new, more productive and positive values.

Environment – The living, working, and social environments in which we place ourselves affect our values, thoughts, and actions.

For the BELIEVE concepts to work, you must be open and honest with yourself. When you are authentic in your work, you can begin to understand yourself – the good and the bad – and then begin to grow from there.


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Nicholas Dillon
Nicholas Dillon has over 15 years of education, training, and coaching experience in the academic and corporate arena. He also has formative experience providing group counseling and serving as a mentor in the Milwaukee community.