How Nikki Woods Went From Being A School Teacher To Producing The Tom Joyner Morning Show [Episode #53]

Dr. Towanna Freeman spoke with multi-media personality and bestselling author Nikki Woods about #GrowGlobal, her new social media and personal branding coaching service.

Ms. Woods has transitioned from a job as an elementary school teacher, to being the voice of her own Chicago radio show, to being the senior producer of syndicated urban radio show, the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Now she is branching out as a coach, helping people to build personal brands and develop online business models.

Highlights of the Interview

  • Nikki Woods has a talent for showing others how to develop their own platform using social and traditional media. Her focus is helping individuals utilize social media to build a platform that will make their voice stand out, develop an audience, and sustain their business or product.
  • Ms. Woods bases her coaching and advice on her own system – a system that has worked for her and that she has developed over the years through trial and error. She helps by not only giving advice or offering her system as a product, but actually walks clients through the steps and shows them how to implement those steps in their own endeavors.
  • #GrowGlobal is based on the fact that with today’s online technology and social platforms, it is possible to have international clients, customers, and contacts. Through her system, Ms. Woods helps clients to narrow down what their fans, tribe, or followers are interested in, and how to provide that on a consistent basis to increase/keep engagement and grow a global online follower base.
  • Nikki Woods can help a client choose which social media platforms will work best for them, and to discover where their target audience is concentrated on social media. She can also suggest different methods of disseminating the client’s content on each platform to make it work best for their business or product.
  • #GrowGlobal takes an “organic growth” approach to building an online following, different from that used by many online platform development services. Most of these companies use the tactic of buying likes, friends, and/or followers on social media platforms, but this actually does very little to increase engagement. #GrowGlobal will help clients to grow organic interest, so that people invest in the online personality/entity/expert first, and then when that person is ready to launch a business, that audience will be more likely to invest in the business or product as well.

Nikki Woods is also a published author. Her e-books, “Top Twitter Tips for Global Visibility” and “The Quick and Dirty Twitter Guide to Global Visibility” are available on the Nikki Woods Media website. She has also recently published her first novel, “Easier Said than Done.” This is a story of friendship, family, reconciliation, and following your heart – it is about doing what you love, not necessarily what is expected of you. “Easier Said than Done” is available for purchase on 

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