8 Confidence Reminders For ‘Super’ Women

FLOTUS Superwoman

By T. Denise Manning

Who is SUPERWOMAN anyway!? Well, wonder woman OR superwoman can be defined as ANY woman that excels far above everyone in her chosen field. She’s a woman that stands out above the rest, she appears greater than great itself! A woman that has many mentee’s and women just look up to her and have no idea why. A True leader both spiritually and physically. A woman that does more than what may be required of her. A phenomenal woman! Goes above and beyond when helping others and doesn’t look around to see whose watching. A Superwoman is a woman that wears many hats and can often feel like she’s lived nine lives by all the accomplishments she has.  You want to see a true wonder woman?? Look around, she develops SUPERWOMEN!!

After being dubbed Source magazines “Wonder Woman Life Coach” I knew that my work was NOT done and I realized I had to take a knee and smell the roses from my hard work.  Go getters rarely take a knee, we keep going. The next task, the next endeavor… I realized that at the age of 34, I accomplished some major things in my life and humanity and I knew that the bar would be set pretty high when the day would come for me to have a daughter of my own… A close friend of mine told me, “Girl, aint nobody tryna be wonder woman, we too busy tryna get Superwoman Status & I feel sorry for your daughter.”  I laughed it off but those words left heavy residue on my heart.

Having many degrees, awards and recognition doesn’t make you Wonder Woman OR Superwoman for that matter, and although being recognized for your hard work is GREAT there are super women amongst us that will never get the credit the deserve.  Some Super women suffer with the lack of confidence, depression and not feeling worthy of Life’s blessings and happiness and I’m here to tell them those thoughts are PURE CRAP!  The only thing stopping women from grabbing that cape, and having that “S” on their chest is their thoughts! Are you a mother? A wife? A full time student that also holds down a job? How about all of the above!? Honey, put your cape on and SHOW the world your strength and beauty!! Here, take this antidote (quick superwoman tips) and stop playing with your life! We need you!

Antidote of Super Woman (Digest Accordingly)

Superwoman Confidence Reminders:

  1. Its time you know WHO you are and that you have high worth!
  2. Its time you know you have MUCH to give to this world!
  3. Confidence is within, it’s not fake and you can’t cover it up with weave or lipstick. It’s Internal.
  4. Your Goal is for you to have confidence ALL THE TIME! Not sometimes. ALL THE TIME.
  5. Since confidence is internal, you need to check your thoughts.
  6. Practice Positive thinking. Read up on ways to think positive, search the web, buy motivational CD’s, consume your thoughts with positive reinforcements such as affirmations.
  7. Give yourself a reason to be Super woman! What happen to those Goals? What happen to that vision board? Where are all those notes you saved? GET THEM OUT! Place them on the table and GET BUSY! It’s time to start checking off that to-do list.  What was the last goal you accomplished?
  8. You are who you associate with! Find yourself a group of other superwomen to be around!! DO you know any women that are on the ball? Making a difference? Pressing forward? Yes? GOOD! Hang around them!

You have everything inside you that you need to be successful, to accomplish your goals and be the superwoman that your family, your peers and the WORLD needs you to be! Your beauty wasn’t meant for another woman and nor was the calling that the creator placed on your life. Being Superwoman requires confidence and it starts with your thoughts. You are good enough, you are worthy enough and you got what it takes honey! GET MOVING! God bless!

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T. Denise Manning
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