6 Ways To Cultivate A ‘Gratitude’ Attitude


By T. Denise Manning

Gratitude is feeling or being thankful. Being thankful for life, feeling thankful for all you have and showing appreciation for those things. Speaking for myself, I know I can have a tendency of not appreciating the small things in life and I’ve had to check myself on several different occasions. Life is a gift, the love and all the blessings you have are gifts and nothing is entitled to us. I’m not entitled to living tomorrow, I’m gifted life and I want to show the creator my thanks every chance I get. Expressing gratitude can improve your way of life and your thought pattern.

Gratitude can remind you of all the positive things in your life and turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Hate your job? Are you happy you have one? Have you ever experienced being Jobless? Most people that have encountered some sort of struggle can appreciate when a positive breakthrough comes along and will quickly put in check those negative thoughts and become thankful for the turn around. Being grateful reminds you of what’s important in life.

I know so many people that are suffering from a physical or mental illness and I give thanks that I suffer not! I give thanks that I am healthy physically and mentally, I don’t have to pop one pill nor can I recall when I’ve been hospitalized.  I’m thankful for the good and bad in my life because without it, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.  The friends that stabbed you in the back? Be thankful! The man or woman that showed you their true colors? Be thankful!  The job that let you go? Be thankful! Kids healthy? Be thankful! I can keep going…but you get my point. Being thankful and having a Gratitude attitude can improve your way of life and will more positivity in and dismiss the negativity out! How can you expect to be blessed if you’re not thankful for what you have right now?

Ways to have a gratitude attitude!

1.  Post words, photos, and objects of gratitude in your home.  Place the items where you’ll see them often, and then let them remind you to stop and be grateful.

2.  Gratitude journal: Get yourself a journal and write down 7 things you are grateful for. You can do this each night before bed, or even just once a week, but do it regularly. It’s not how often you do it that counts—it’s how regularly and how sincerely.

3.  Gratitude Letter. Who needs to know you’re grateful?

4.  Incorporate gratitude into exercise or morning routines: If you’re outside, notice the trees, weather, people waving hello! Each morning take time to give thanks for the things you appreciate.

5.  Say “Thank You” more often.

6.  Write Thank You Notes. When someone touches your heart, write them a note.

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