6 Reasons Why You Don’t Ask For Help With Your Money


By Dominique’ Reese

Asking for help with your financial life can be very difficult for many reasons. However, I have collected six reasons over time, that seem to resonate with most potential clients and clients alike. I don’t blame individuals for the reasons they have for not asking for help, because most of us weren’t taught about money. We may not know when to ask for help and better yet, of whom we should ask. Nevertheless, here are the reasons I have learned that we don’t ask for help with our money, even when it’s costing us not to do so:

  1. You’re used to taking care of others and don’t know how to ask for help yourself
  2. You have never worked with a financial professional before or if you have, you didn’t have a good experience
  3. You don’t know what to expect and don’t know the results you will get
  4. You don’t think you can afford the fee and/or are weary about spending hard-earned money on financial help
  5. You think you can do it yourself
  6. You are ashamed and/or embarrassed to ask for help and don’t want “people” in your “business”

Does any of these sound familiar? Which of these resonates the most with you? Do you realize how these reasons, or shall I say, excuses, have been holding you back financially?:

A.  When you’re always taking care of others, you may jeopardize your ability to take care of yourself. If and when you need help, you can’t turn to the ones you always help but most importantly, you displace your wellbeing at the expense of helping others. You cannot build wealth this way. You must say “no” more often.

B.  If you’ve been burned before when you worked with a professional, I understand the hesitation to work with another. However, if you’ve never worked with a professional, you must consider the benefits. Either way, it is in your best interest to hire someone who gets paid to do what you can’t do on your own. Wealth building involves delegation.

C.  Chartering unknown territory can be scary at first. However, when it comes to your money, you can’t afford to let the unknown prevent you from making moves. In this case, what you don’t know can truly hurt you. Wealth building is all about access to the best information.

D.  I have learned that people pay for what they value. We tend to spend lots of money on things we don’t need. Keyword, spend. When you spend, you get short-lived results in return. We tend to make very little investments in things that will benefit us most because we think its too expensive or that we can’t afford it. However, investments usually have long-term returns, such that we recoup our initial investment and more. To have more and build wealth, we must stop spending and start investing, and investing in self.

E.  If you were able to do it yourself, you would already have the results you seek. Since you don’t have the results you’d like, that should be your first and only indication that you can’t go it alone and you probably shouldn’t. Going it alone means you have time, discipline and information to get the results you want. If you don’t have these three, get the help you need and deserve. Building wealth is about building a team of professionals who know more than you do.

F.  It’s so taboo that we “don’t want people in our business,” so we don’t share with others, when we are having hard times. However, flip that on its head. Asking for help is a sign of genius. It saves you time and money and allows you to do what you are best at, instead of wasting your time and energy at something you don’t do well. Everyone has money trouble at some point in time and I mean everyone! No one always makes the right financial decision all the time. Shed shame and embarrassment and put on the garment of pride and courage, because asking for help is the first step in the right direction to achieving your wealth goals.

While I am sure there are other reasons you don’t ask for help with your money, these six pretty much sums them all for me and what I experience with clients and potential clients. The great thing for my clients is that I understand. I am no stranger to these reasons, as I have claimed them before too.

Working with a professional who is sensitive to these reasons, but pushes you beyond them is the best thing for you. If not, you’d stay mired in the reasons why you “can’t” or why you “don’t” and I believe you want more than that. Sometimes, it just takes the help of someone else to get there. If that is the case for you, join me and others who have abandoned the reasons why they can’t for the benefits of doing what they can.

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Dr. Dominique' N. Reese
Dr. Dominique’ Reese, owner of Reese Financial Services and creator of Master My Money, is a personal finance expert, coach & strategist, speaker, educator, author, blogger, and consultant with 10+ years experience in the financial services industry.