Encourage and Celebrate The Phenomenal Women In Your Life

Encourage and Celebrate The Phenomenal Women In Your Life

By T. Denise Manning

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies, when I start to tell them, they think I’m telling lies… I say, I am THAT GIRL! Ladies, what comes to mind when you meet a confident woman? What comes to mind when you meet a woman that appears to have her life pulled together, dresses well, attractive, hair and makeup on point? Are you instantly intimidated OR do you welcome and embrace her with open arms?

Do you think to yourself “she’s not all that” so you won’t feel insecure about yourself or do you think “you go girl!” well, if you thought positively, you are comfortable within yourself! No woman alive should make you intimidated. Nothing anybody has, says, or does should make you feel little, inferior or insecure. Often times when we see things that are attractive or something we desire we should change our thoughts from dislike or envy to happiness and admiration because it has presented itself in your life in some fashion for you to embrace. Everything is here for your ultimate good, not to take away or harm but to uplift and push you to your higher self. When you see a beautiful woman, celebrate her and then go celebrate yourself!

“Now you understand just why my heads not bowed. I don’t shout or jump about or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing, it out to make you proud.” – Maya Angelou couldn’t have stated it any other way… When a confident woman walks into a room, it ought to make you proud especially if she can back it up with accomplishment. Pastors get up and preach every Sunday and the message boils down to the same, get your life right with God, Do your very best in life, reach for the stars, encourage yourself and others. People post inspirational quotes on FB, twitter, Instagram all day, your family tells you they love you and reminds you how much they are proud. IF you hear and see all that then WHY would you allow a hater or naysayer to discourage you!? The hater see’s the same messages you do! If you are the hater, your change is NOW! Make an on the spot correction NOW! Everything you put out in the universe will come back to you tenfold… some call it Karma, I call it reaping what you sow. If you sow positivity it will come back to you all the same.

Encourage and celebrate other phenomenal women, make on the spot corrections if need be and start living your life despite what people say, think and feel! God bless!!

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T. Denise Manning
Charismatic, Direct, Inspired and POWERFUL, Ms. T. Denise Manning speaks to the core issues of overcoming hardship and achieving personal success – through courage, tenacity and imagination. Denise Manning inspires others to reach the potential they’ve always imagined!