How To Live Your Dreams While Working The 9 to 5

How To Live Your Dreams While Working The 9 to 5

By Tammi C. Walker

We all work a 9 to 5 job because we have to pay our rent/mortgage, buy food, clothing, transportation, etc.  But, however, if we had it our way, this is not what some of us would be doing.  Let’s look at you for example, in your heart of hearts, what is it you really want to do for a living?  Nothing is off limits, nothing is ridiculous and nothing is impossible.  How can you achieve this and still work your 9 to 5.

I know a great lady who was a high paying executive.  She quit her job and went to beauty school.  She began with her salon in her basement. It was a very fancy home salon, I actually was one of her clients.  She is now a great hair stylist and owns a very upscale salon in a nice suburb outside of Chicago.  I also know another guy who worked for a utility company.  He was a phenomenal artist and could draw comic book characters very well.  He applied for a job in California at Disney and Warner Brothers.  Well he was living in Chicago at the time.  He quit his job and stayed in a hotel after he was called for a couple of interviews in California.  Within days he was hired and relocated to California.  It was not easy for him because he was divorced and a single Dad of 3 kids because their Mom was deceased.  These are just a couple of stories that I know of personally.

I am in that boat too.  I worked as a procurement administrator/buyer for years.  I am currently working in a gym part time and I am a life coach/personal trainer.  I get the hesitation. It is fear of the unknown. It is quite scary and besides we all have obligations, bills and responsibilities. People are depending on us.  But there are ways that you can get it done.  Try some way somehow, your happiness depends on it.

Here are some examples below:

1.  Do as much research as you can about the field you are interesting in.  Use the internet as your source as well as the library.  If you know someone that is in that field speak to them right away.

2.  Every day, work on your dream. Even if it is 30 minutes, just do something with it. Lay your hands on it in some way.

3.  Journal, journal, journal.  Write down your plans, goals and dreams.  There is something magical to putting your thoughts on paper. It makes dreams come to fruition and of course with hard work as well.

4.  I would not go around telling a lot of people about your dreams.  People are caught up in the 9 to 5.  When you speak about leaving the 9 to 5 some others tend to feel threatened or embarrassed.  The truth of the matter is they wish they had the courage you have to even attempt it. Just do it. Frankly it is no one’s business. I speak less and do more with my business.

5.  Try to get your spouse and family on board. This is crucial.  I don’t preach divorce ever because I believe in marriage but, I was in a marriage where my spouse did not support my musical dream and it heavily influenced me.  If it gets really bad where you really are trying to work on your dream and your spouse is not on board, I do suggest counseling. As a couple you are a team. You want peace in your home.

6.  Contact  This is a FREE service with over 300 locations throughout America. You can’t beat that. Retired CEO’s and executives are volunteering to assist you with your business plan, marketing and other important tips. It is a great website and tool. I have used them in the past.

7.  Take up a class on your dream or go back to school if it matches your dream.  It would be great if your current employer can pay your education or some self-improvement seminars/classes. Also sign up for free webinars on line.

8.  Work part time and do your dream the other hours.  I know times are tight.  If you can’t work part time, schedule time per day to work on your dream. Even if it means doing it on lunch or giving up 1 hour of sleep.

9.  Last but truly not least, hire me or another life coach to help you!  I hired a life coach 4 years ago and she stayed on me.  It was refreshing because I could run my ideas by her. She pushed me through my studies. Also with her help and encouragement, I developed my website, literature, brochures, ordered other marketing material, etc.  She also encouraged and coached me to stay on my exercise routine as well as other areas of my life.

You have to start somewhere. Your life depends on it. It is hard to be happy when you are not doing what you love.  Happy dreams to you my friend. I know you are going to get started.

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Tammi C. Walker
Tammi C. Walker was born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is a life coach and owner of Dreams Are A Reality. She also is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.