A Lesson In Modesty

Lesson in Modesty

I have done a lot of shopping and makeovers for friends and family over the years. It is truly a science in how the right type of fabric, cut, color, and fit comes together. As I work with the ladies and style them, it is amazing to see the light and confidence that comes in that person’s eyes – for they do not see their worth and the beautiful person that they truly are.  It could just as simple as finding that pair of jeans that fit just right or that blue is not a flattering hair color.

This is of course in conjunction with God working on the heart issues. Modesty comes from the heart and modesty is a way of life. It is not only a reflection of you but also of the God in you.

I dress as a a valued child and woman of God. I know what colors look best on me, styles that complement my figure and what I feel confident in. I eat right and exercise to keep myself healthy and insure my clothes fit properly. I m priceless in God’s eyes so I should treat and conduct myself as such.And expect to be treated as such. To dress suggestively or to be a hindrance or a stumbling block is to cheapen my value.

We are not merchandise for sell. Retail stores get merchandise in in preparation for each season. About midway during that season – items that are not selling well or they have too much inventory – they put on sale to entice you to buy it.

So it is the same with us. When we feel we have been “in season” too long – we will do and say things to spur action, get attention on us or entice someone – to line up with our timing. Well, you maybe in this season of singlehood for a reason. There is a reason for all seasons. Do not be desperate nor anxious for nothing. Be confident of this very thing – that you are complete in Him and can be prepared to one day to be one with another.

A Lesson In Modesty

My Father actually did a lot of shopping with “us girls”. He is such a gentlemen, a man of wisdom and a deep faith. And with having six daughters, he definitely was prayerful about being consistent, clear, and concise with us. He had some simple guidelines when it came to our attire and our value – in knowing our worth and who we are:

1. If we struggled getting in and out of it, it probably was not modest.
2. If upon leaning forward and doing so showed our “goodies”, it probably was not modest.
3. If we had to be careful when we sat down or bend over, it probably was not modest.
4. If our private body parts were outlined under the fabric, it probably was not modest.
5. We should question ourselves when we changed our attire and how we behaved to gain someone’s attention – the motives of our heart.

As God`s Spirit works in your life, you will commit yourself to modesty in your way of dressing and conduct.

Men are wired though to be more visual, although the ladies will look too. There is a mindset that you should be able to wear what you want and that man need to learn to keep their eyes to himself. Well, (1) consider that the Word tells us not be a hindrance to others. (2) That is how God created us – to be beautiful and for the man to see us. (3) But we each have to work out our own salvation. So the focus should be more on the work on the heart that has done, what the mind thinks upon, and how certain thoughts and mindsets; those “vain imaginations” are being cast down. What are we meditating on, are we asking God to create in us a clean heart, and renewing our minds – is more of the question.

Changes in our behavior typically start out with the little things – that we think won’t impact us. Suggestive images, conversations, adult themes are everywhere. And they are not going anywhere. The key is to guard your heart. We should consider the music we listen to, movies we watch, and the lifestyle magazines that tell us “101 ways to satisfy your man”, the casual flirting, or the things that we day dream about throughout the day.

Also, how we are redeeming the times. Are we spending time in prayer, meditating on the Word of God, and fellowshipping with fellow believers? How are our actions, thoughts, and what we surround ourselves with – bringing us and others closer to God or pulling us away? How is God getting the glory out of your life?

We can truly walk in faith, in our purpose and power, and be the beautiful creatures that God created us to be.

Journaling Reflection:

I often ask the Lord to let my outer beauty be a reflection of the inner beauty of the Holy Spirit. Consider the motives of the heart – your thoughts and actions. What are some areas to work on? How can God be credited or get the glory of your life?

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Latisha Renée Hooker
Latisha Renée Hooker is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Educator, Speaker, and Minister. She educates and encourage women to “strive to thrive”; to live optimistically in overcoming life challenges and aligning their lives with their purpose and power.