5 Reasons That Prove You May Love Your Phone More Than Your Partner

5 Reasons That Prove You May Love Your Phone More Than Your Partner

By:  TemTi Sahu Ra

Reason 1. My Smart Device Makes My Life Easier

Nobody buys a smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) that doesn’t do what it’s expected to do. Smart devices are designed to improve the quality of our lives, make complex tasks easier, help us remember things, complete mundane tasks, and allow us to be more efficient so that we can focus on the things we deem more important or purposeful. Compare that to a real person, of which there are no wires, batteries or memory cards – just flesh and blood – yet no smart device in the world can compare to the depth of benefits that relating to a good person can bring. Unfortunately, just like smart devices, you can end up with a dud person in your life who is inefficient, time consuming, underperforming, and causes more problems than they can solve. The bottom line is this – when we invest in technology we expect it not only to work, but to support and complement our lives in a very noticeable way otherwise we have wasted our money. The same applies to the investment (time, emotions and money,) we make in the people we choose to have relationships with.

Reason 2. There Are Apps For Anything I Want

Smart devices can do things like setting the house alarm or turning on a microwave, but do you really need all that? These days we seem to pay for features on smartphones and devices that we have no idea on how to use or ever plan on using, yet having access to these features still carries a price! When we look at people, the same pattern occurs. Desiring someone that matches our blown up list of desired features can carry a steep price in time, money and emotions, not to mention the learning curve involved on how to interact with and get the best out of them. Contrast this with getting someone that actually has specifications we can really relate to that will aid us in getting the best out of ourselves! Biting off more than we can chew can create unnecessary complexities, and when that happens, we lose interest and move onto the next ‘new’ person with characteristics beyond our true needs, but don’t realize yet…

Reason 3. Great Deals On Upgrade Plans

Who would want to invest in a smart device that is going to be obsolete by the end of the year? The prospect of receiving frequent software updates or free hardware upgrades is a big selling point as it helps us to prolong the life cycle and utility of our devices. When it comes people however, it’s not uncommon that we find ourselves settling in relationships where our partner may refuse to maintain or upgrade themselves physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, which becomes a real drag if you ever decide to put yourself through a lifestyle upgrade. There are many obsolete partners that have passed their point of purposefulness. We simply ‘cope’ with these people, but seldom advance. Is it time you did yourself a favor and upgraded your relationship for a more advanced one?

Reason 4. Antivirus Included

We all hate viruses, data intrusion, spam, malware, etc., because they can harm or get in the way of what we are trying to achieve, so in choosing the right smart device, security can be a significant factor. From finger print scanners and mobile anti-virus to face recognition and kill switches – these are all features that are found on the latest smart devices and can be crucial to having a secure smart device experience. But what security measures do we have in place for the person or persons we want in our life? Do we take virus protection seriously enough to talk candidly about our past sexual/medical experiences or even get tested together? Do we recognize a hacking problem when phone or email snooping occurs? Then there’s the verbal spam, which may be nonsensical or abusive – how do we effectively counter it or stop it from happening in the first place? And let’s not forget about malware – the good old fashioned wolf in sheep’s clothing that fools your security, takes your credits cards, constantly abuses your trust, saps your energy and kills your ambition. We know these dysfunctional people exist, they’re predators and they are looking for you!

Reason 5. Five Star User Reviews

They can be boring, and sometimes they can be fake, but a lot of times reading the customer reviews on a product can pay huge dividends in allowing us to invest properly in a smart device that someone else, like us, has given the green light to. There’s even websites dedicated to consumer reviews so that someone else’s bad purchase does not have to be ours. Question is, where would you go for a review on someone you want a relationship with? Meeting a person’s family or friends can be a great way to understand them better as you can get some great perspectives on their character. It also may be prudent to find out if someone has had a troublesome history with law enforcement, especially if your relationship is at the ‘get serious’ point. Sadly, no matter what measures you take, the only guarantee is that there are no guarantees and trying to find a special person to relate to puts you in the same ‘face value,’ lottery as everyone else. I will say this though, when it comes to smart devices, you’re really not going to part with $700 to buy one that someone is selling from their coat pocket – no matter how good it looks!

Of course, looks are just as deceiving when it comes to people. ‘Buyer beware,’ can be crucial when we fall for people that are ‘sold as seen.’ If you end up getting burnt, you’ll only have yourself and your lack of discretion to blame, but it isn’t all bad news… at least your smart device still works properly because it’s likely you used more discretion for that when you bought it.

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TemTi Sahu Ra
Tem'Ti Sahu Ra is a lifestyle and life purpose coach based in the Atlanta area. Apart from being the Creator and Matchmaking Director at MeetMyTypes.com, he is also the weekly host of 'Renaissance Relationship Therapy with Coach Tem'Ti,'on SourceRadioNetwork.com