Do You Trust What Your Inner Voice Is Saying?


By T. Denise Manning

Have you ever felt a tug in your spirit? Have you ever felt strongly about a person or situation and you instantly KNEW something wasn’t right!?  The situation or circumstance wasn’t right and you felt that deep down in your core? Well, take heed. Listen carefully. Often times when something happens in our lives that tend to hurt us or make us feel uneasy we seek advice or want to discuss it with a close confidant, we listen for their opinion and determine if what were feeling or thing is correct. I’m not telling you that confiding in those you love is wrong BUT starting today you need to listen within… you have all the answers you need if you get in tune with your spirit.

If you focus on meditating on the word and listening to your inner voice as well as paying attention to how you feel when you think, interact or come into contact with a person or situation that makes you uneasy you will have all the answers you need.

Here are some quick tips to get centered.

  1. Stop putting off mid week service or meditation!
  2. Journal more
  3. Sit in silence
  4. Trust yourself more and stop looking for validation from others.
  5. Cut your phone off once a week. Let voicemail take the call
  6. Take a walk…by yourself!
  7. Pray more

You have all the answers you need… inside of you.

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T. Denise Manning
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