You Are Wealthy And Don’t Know It: 4 Ways To Measure Your Wealth Beyond Money

4 Ways To Measure Your Wealth Beyond Money

By: Dominique’ Reese


2015 is proving to be a year about wealth, abundance and favor. I am experiencing moments of pure bliss because I am realizing just how wealthy I am. And, I am not strictly talking about wealth as most consider it, measured by monetary terms. But, I am talking about wealth beyond money. Ever thought about the ways in which you are wealthy beyond money? Now, is your time.

Wealth, as I define it, is a combination of your intellectual capital, human capital and financial capital, and in that order. Notice, financial capital is last. Surprisingly, it is least important of the first two. Why? Because it is the first two, intellectual and human capital, that drive and produce your financial capital. In other words, your financial capital is a function of your intellectual and human capital. The areas I am going to share with you today happen to fall under human capital. By human capital, I mean the stuff that you possess on your own. Your talent, skills and interests. The stuff that you were born with and/or have developed over time and have to manage accordingly, so you’re successful in your endeavors.

When measuring your wealth beyond money, look to your human capital and examine these four areas:

  • Social/Cultural Wealth
  • Spiritual Wealth
  • Mental/Emotional Wealth
  • Physical Wealth

Let’s explore.

Social/Cultural Wealth

Do you have people in your life who care about you and love you? Who are there when you need them the most? Who support you and your endeavors? Who you confide in? Who lift your spirits when you need encouragement? Who keep it real with you when you are acting out of character or are simply dead wrong? If you answered yes, to any of these, then you are wealthy. You have an abundance. Just imagine if you didn’t have this support. How would your life be different?

Spiritual Wealth

No matter what faith you believe in or what religion you practice, you can assess your spiritual wealth. Do you pray? Meditate? Find ways to center yourself and attain balance and harmony? Do you achieve the balance you need when you need it? Do you gain insight when you seek to understand something? Do you find solace or comfort in scripture, quotes, or words of wisdom? Do you feel like you can share some positivity with other people, when they need it? Can you motivate and encourage someone else? When you can answer yes to these questions, you have an abundance of spiritual wealth. There are so many people around you, who you may even know, who are searching for answers, who are lost, confused, in need of guidance, have no faith, don’t believe they are worthy, don’t know how to find a peace of mind. When you have lived that experience you realize how troubling it can be. If you have been there and have come out of it, then you know the power one has when one is spiritually wealthy.

Emotional/Mental Wealth

I think a lot of times, we can take it totally for granted that we are able to operate in our “right mind.” Although, we have a tendency to call people crazy, in loose terms, we must remember that there really are people who are dealing with inner conflicts, who are struggling with multiple personality disorders, who are deemed legally insane, who are confined to asylums and mental health institutions. That could be you. We all are only one decision away from a life-changing circumstance, at any given time. That is why it is so important to acknowledge our wealth beyond money. Our minds are powerful. Emotions are strong forces to be reckoned with and they can make us do some very strange things. If you have a healthy mental and emotional relationship with yourself and others and are able to manage your emotions, you are wealthy.

Physical Wealth

You may have heard the phrase, “without health, you can’t have wealth.” If not, now you have. This phrase couldn’t be more true. Having your health, and good health, is having wealth. The two are inextricably linked. Are you reading this article right now? If so, you can see. You are not blind. You are wealthy. Can you hear callers on the other end of your cellphone? If so, you can hear. You’re not deaf and you are wealthy. You get where I am going. If you are able to use your limbs, walk on your own, eat on your own, clothe and bathe yourself, you are wealthy.

Now, let me be clear. If you answered no to any of the questions above, it doesn’t mean that you are not wealthy. It simply means that you are wealth in other ways. The point I am driving home is that you have to be grateful for the wealth you already possess, because you do possess it. You are equipped to increase your wealth, even if you think you don’t have any wealth. You have to acknowledge the resources you already have. Its those resources that will take you to the next level in your journey to build financial wealth.

The next article I write will explore financial capital and wealth. Don’t miss it, you’ll want this information as you expand your mind and receive more wealth-building techniques. Get more insight about wealth beyond money from this short video, Have More Wealth Than You Know!

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Dr. Dominique' N. Reese
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