Hey Mom, Imagine Her Full Potential

Hey Mom, Imagine Her Full Potential

Are you a mother of a teenage girl that makes you concerned and worried? Well, You’re not alone! It has always been said that the communication process between a parent and a child is a difficult one. While every mother tries to be a role model for her daughter, only a few actually succeed. This is because those ‘few’ are able to get through the complex teenage mind of their girl. This is because those ‘few’ were able to provide support, actually understood her when half of the world refrained her. Some moms have a very hard time making their daughters understand about the purpose of life and their goals.


Mom, Never ever question your daughter’s full potential! You just can’t! After all, you are a mother and you don’t want her freaking out or her misunderstanding what you’re trying to tell her. Instead, sit beside her and talk to her. Listen, like her best friend. It is important that she lets you know the problems she encounters. If she does, help her with your best to get through them. It’s not easy coming up these day’s! Girl’s are under a great deal of pressure.


Mom, Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Praise works as a miracle. You can’t imagine how productive it will be if you give a positive feedback to her efforts. Let her make her own way. Though you can teach her to set high goals and to work hard in order to achieve them.


Don’t let social pressure and peer pressure influence her. Many teens get inferiority complex if someone lashes out at them for not getting good grades. You don’t want that. Self-esteem is the key. Don’t let her loose it. Keep meeting her teachers at regular intervals.


Steer her towards appropriate classes. Identify what she does best, regardless of what it is. Every child has his own area of expertise. Help her find the area and build on them.


Your expectations should be realistic. You can’t expect her to be Stephen Hawking in no time. Be patient. Love her for what she does and inspire her. Don’t let her loose the girly gloss.


While she is selecting a particular stream, explain the pros and cons of the particular stream. Resist the temptation to lecture. Instead try to be supportive and enthusiastic, even if she keeps on changing her mind. She might need your positive influence at the time. She is a grown up girl and sooner or later she will figure it out.


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