10 Ways To Ace A Summer Job Interview

10 Ways To Ace A Summer Job Interview

So you are ready to start applying for summer jobs or jobs for after graduation. When you receive a phone call for an interview you will be excited and might even start planning on how you will spend your first pay check.  But wait just one minute! You cannot start counting you checks just yet. Having an interview does not guarantee you will get the position, but it brings you a step closer to getting the job.


While it is normally to feel both excited and nervous about an interview, you should try to remain as calm as possible. Here are some tips to help you calm your nerves and have a successful summer job interview.


1.  Lay Out Your Attire. The night before your interview lay out your attire. Your attire should be professional looking but also comfortable. While it is ok to have some accessories remember less is more. Also be sure to try on your outfit including shoes.


2.  Make a List. Make a list of all the things you will be taking with on the interview and place those items near your keys so they will be ready as you prepare to head out the door. Some useful items include an extra copy of your resume, pen and paper to take notes, and breath mints if you will be eating before the interview.


3.  Research. Take the time to research all you can about the company. There is no need to try and remember everything about the company. Key items to consider researching are time the company has been in business, the company core values, community involvement, and mission statement. If the interviewer ask you something you do not know, be honest and say you do not know; do not lie.


4.  Be on Early. Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early so you still have some ample time to relax and check yourself. This will also reduce your anxieties.


5.  Be Nice to Everyone. Smile at everyone who greets you while you are on your way to the building and while waiting. You’ll never know if you may have already bumped into your interviewer. Besides, you may make a few friends who may prove crucial to your career eventually. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with being nice.


6.  Be Considerate and Courteous. When it’s your time to be interviewed, be sure your cell phone is turned off or in silent mode. Extend a handshake and wait till you are asked to take a seat before sitting down.


7.  Be Confident. Bear in mind that you are there, being interviewed, because the employer sees potential in you and that’s already a reason for you to be confident. As long as you know what’s written in your resume and all of them are true, you don’t have to feel apprehensive. It’s time to show that they made the right decision to call you for an interview. Convince them that you are the right person for the job.


8.  Don’t Drag the Conversation. Make sure to be attentive and listen first to what the interviewer has to say before you start to answer a question. Keep your answers short, simple but with character. While it is understandable that you need to sell yourself, be careful not to drag the conversation off-topic just to impress your interviewer.


9.  Ask Questions. At the end of the interview, the interviewer always asks if you have any questions, so take this opportunity to ask your questions and address concerns that you may have in mind. Ask sensible questions. Just be careful not to ask questions about something that was already discussed or that is obvious; you do not want to appear as if you were not listening.


10.  Follow up. Usually, the interviewer gives the range of time that your application needs to be processed. Ask if it is okay for you to follow-up with them. If the time stated for application processing, call and ask about the status of your application.

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Tandee Salter
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