5 Ways To Deal With Negative Peers When You’re Stressed

5 Ways to Deal with a Negative Peers When You're Stressed

You have reached your limits and you are ready to put your foot down. You no longer want to have to deal with negative peers and coworkers. You refuse to continue to allow their bad vibrations to rub off on you. You are ready to set yourself free of the negativity.


There are numerous ways to deal with a negative peer. Here are a few tips to help you deal with the negativity and release positivity into the atmosphere.


1.  Recognize the perpetrator.  As with any problem you must first know the origin of the problem. Knowing who is emitting the negative energy in the office will help you deal with the concerned person better.


2.  Know the cause of the negative attitude.  You do not have to be an expert to know the other person’s source of negativity.  A simple series of questions or a heart-to-heart conversation will do just fine.  Empathize with the other person to find the root of his bad feelings; do not attack them.


3.  Help the person take responsibility for his actions.  After you figure out where the anger is coming from, help him take charge of his actions. If he feels that he has the right to express himself in a certain way, convince him that his behavior is inappropriate for the classroom and explain how it affects those around them.  Most of the time, these people only need a thorough explanation in order to reform.


4.  Kick the negative reaction out of the door.  It is often said that “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” or “a person set in their ways will not change.” But the truth is no one is too old to learn or change. Encourage the person giving off the bad energy to replace it with good energy.  Maybe you can tell them, in simple terms, that their good qualities are overshadowed by their negative ways. This will help them to do an internal examination and work on showing their good qualities more.


5.  Be a model of positivity. Nothing beats negativity than a role model giving off positive vibrations. Do not embrace negativity. Use your action and behavior as examples of how being positive can change things and make life easier.

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Tandee Salter
Tandee Salter is a native of Columbus, Georgia, a certified life coach, and founder of 8th Jubilee Coaching, LLC. Known as The Confidence Engineer she helps women gain clarity and build confidence to achieve their goals and live a life they love with no apologies.