Being Positive, What is The Big Deal?


You hear it over and over just be positive, attitude is everything.  Stay positive, elevate your mind.  So, let’s really look at this, is it truly overrated?   I know a vast amount of people now from various jobs, my former grammar school, high school, college, church, you name it, I have met all types of people, all races, etc.  I have noticed the ones that have a positive and winning spirit do live better lives.


Over all, I label myself as a positive person. But I had a bad few years where I could see the bitterness creeping in.  It was from 1995-2006.  I was in a bad marriage and I could not see the forest for the trees.   Even after my divorce, the negative thoughts remained.  The most unfortunate thing is I stayed here for years not knowing how to come out of it.  I have always been the type to seek out help. I am not ashamed to go to therapy.  I would go to a couple of therapists and some I did not connect with.  In all honestly, therapy helps when you are very honest and truthful.  You have to lay it all on the line and be ready to make a change and to hear some feedback.  But it was not only therapy that helped me, it was my faith in God, journaling and doing things that I really loved that put me back on the right course.


I also read the book, The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  I would read pages of the book daily combined with my Bible and a prayer book.  I could see my life began to flow much better.  But I had to change how I viewed my life.  I had to face each day with joy not with regret or fear.  Once I got excited about each day, life gave me back a smile.  Life is but a gift. It is up to use to seize the moment and make the best of your life. Don’t make excuses, but make strides to be happy. Help someone else less fortunate.  Here are some tips to living a positive life below:

  • When you wake up, decide if today is going to be a great day or a bad one. If you are off to a bad start, do everything in your power to change the course of the day.
  • Count your blessings.  Can you walk, talk, do you have a job or an income, a house to live in, clothes, family, food and friends? YOU ARE BLESSED!
  • Go and help someone less fortunate. Volunteer at a hospital in the cancer unit where children are terminally ill.  There is always someone who needs you.
  • How is your health? Are you in excellent health? PRICELESS all the money in the world can’t buy good health.
  • What is it that you simply love to do? Swimming, dancing, cooking, walking, exercise, wine tasting, reading? Get busy doing your passion and it will warm your heart.
  • Go outside and sit in the sun and watch the squirrels and birds. They are so happy and carefree. Nature will bring you great joy.
  • Read positive books, the Bible, journal your thoughts, goals and what you are grateful for. It does wonders.
  • Never compare yourself with other people.  You have your own course to walk on. Let them walk on theirs.  You don’t know their story and it is not our business.
  • Relax, the best is yet to come. You can’t force relationships, love, and careers. ATTT = All Things Take Time


Being positive is a very big deal.  It is the best way to live in peace, harmony, joy and love.

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Tammi C. Walker
Tammi C. Walker was born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is a life coach and owner of Dreams Are A Reality. She also is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.