Strumming Your Pain With Your Fingers: Play An Instrument

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Close your eyes and think of your favorite song. Think of the feelings it brings you, think of when you first heard it. Think about why its your favorite song. Music can truly evoke emotions as strong as when you first fell in love, or when you were at your happiest. Music can bring peace to the noise of the harsh society. Between bills, school, work, maybe children…never having time to yourself. Music can be your happy place when you cant getaway.


Now take it a step further, the artists on the radio are the ones playing the music you are so deeply invested in, now what if you could be the one to create your own sense of peace?


Learning how to play an instrument can be therapeutic, it can be fulfilling and can help you escape the torments of dealing with every day issues. Enveloping yourself in the education of the notes, the harmonies, the rhythms, and the overall art of sound. Learning an instrument allows your brain to access parts of it that are not used as much during the day. Awakening synapses and releases chemicals that allow for adrenaline and feelings of happiness that can make you feel like your on a little vacation.


Studies have shown that people who take music lessons for an entire year were able to raise their IQ by almost 5 points.  Music lessons also help with focus, memory and concentration which can help with daily tasks. Imagine being able to have your brain focus on the task at hand, rather than becoming distracted and causing stress. Unwinding with music can prevent unhealthy sleeping patterns, eating habits, slowed metabolism and even a shortened lifespan that stress can cause. Pick an instrument and use a resource like LessonRating to find an instructor whose teach style works best for you.

Why live life in a state of panic? Why live life with the idea that the next day may not be any better? Sadly sometimes it feels as if your bills and financial obligations control the way you live your life and too some extent that is truthful. But not all of it, we essentially are the game controller in our own lives. Compare your life to a game of Mario kart, your driving and you are headed toward the rainbow cube, but right before you get the cube a huge speed bump comes along and distracts you from that little piece of paradise. Well, imagine being able to learn how to take the wheel and slow down over that bump and getting that cube.


Music lessons can be the guidance you need to learn how to slowly conquer those speed bumps in life. To be able to focus on taking one step at a time and concentrate on the task at hand, Focus. Concentration. If Mario did not have those bananas making him slide around or turtle shells pushing him in other directions then he would be able to get to those cubes. But if learned how to control his kart, he could slow it down, and focus on the task.


Now think again, look at Beyonce on stage, does she not seem happy?

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