7 Ways To Keep Your Cool At Work

7 Ways To Keep Your Cool At Work

Many people feel if they show up to work every day and put in a conscious effort to get the work done, their employer should be happy and all is right with the world.  It’s too bad life is not that easy and today’s employment game is tougher than many can remember seeing in their lifetime.

With unemployment rates continuing as of January 2012 at 7.8% (of people who are still accounted for and haven’t fallen off the rolls), employers quite literally have their pick of the crop when it comes to keeping their positions filled.  How then, do you remain employed and keep yourself afloat as one of the people who is least likely to lose their job first when your working conditions are less than optimal? What do you do when stress is high, attitudes of others are snippy and you’ve just about had enough yet you know you have bills to pay?

First off you will need to keep in mind that the only attitude you can control is your own.  It is that attitude which is often the key to your longevity in the workplace.  Who wants to work with a person that complains all the time, seems miserable, disengaged or downright angry?

Many human resource professionals know that emotions can be contagious amongst employees and it’s best for try and keep a close eye on the negative ones.  A bad attitude can bring morale down amongst peers and this decreases productivity in the office as others ruminate over conditions. We cannot afford that in a nation where we are pushed to work harder and produce more at faster rates while knowing we can be terminated at will in many if not most states!  There is no option to allow maladjusted attitude concerns.  If you’re one of the unfortunate people who ends up losing their job, you certainly don’t want it to be because “just” your disposition.  There are enough companies downsizing because they have to, don’t become the person they WANT to get rid of.

7 Ways To Keep Your Cool At Work

Here are some quick tips on keeping a maintaining a positive attitude and keeping those emotions in check even when you don’t want to:

1.  List all the reasons why having a job is a great thing (you get a paycheck, you pay your rent/mortgage, you buy groceries, your electricity is being paid)

2.  Focus on your purpose at work and not the complaints you hear from the naysayers you may work with

3.  Stay busy in your spare time working to build your skill set

4.  Volunteer outside of work with the less fortunate to help you remember how blessed you are

5.  Note what your life could be like if you lost your job so that you can maintain an attitude of gratitude

6.  Stop taking things personally – you know who you are and what you’re capable of

7.  Keep your eye on the prize and realize this is helping you obtain our goals

Sometimes we have to learn to make the best of what we have until we can do better. Fortunately there are still those in today’s job market who jump from company to company for the sake of career advancement. This eventually leads to opportunities for others like you. Until then, you may just have to fake it until you make it  in regards to your attitude while waiting for new train to arrive!

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Aleasa M. Word
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