Black Life Coaches Network Announces Name Change To BLCLife Logo

Name Change To Reflect Network’s Mission Of Helping Create Extraordinary Lives

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 1, 2015) BlackLifeCoaches – the online home for Black Life Coaches Network – announced today that it is changing its name to BLCLife. The name change reflects the network’s mission to help black people everywhere lead extraordinary lives by harnessing the power of life coaching. The website exists to connect the Black community to valuable life changing solutions, strategies and practitioners.


“Since creating BlackLifeCoaches in 2011, the response from the Black life coaching community has been overwhelming,” said Dr. Towanna Freeman, Founder of BLCLife. “We are so excited to release BLCLife, an all new and improved website to help Black life coaches to build, grow and engage their own audience of clients and followers.  Through BLCLife, we are helping coaches boost their business by connecting them with an international Black community.”


BLCLife seeks to be the ultimate resource for individuals in the Black community who are seeking valuable life changing solutions and strategies. The goal of BLCLife is to become a trusted resource by linking the community to reputable and certified life coaches, counselors, trainers and coach-clinicians. The website provides access to top Black life coaches and speakers from around the world through articles, events, workshops and opportunities for personal and professional coaching and speaking engagements.


“BLCLife will feature content from award winning, certified Life Coaches, to help individuals overcome life challenges such as Marriage, Relationships and Parenting; Health, Fitness and Wellness; and Executive, Career and Business, “said Freeman. “We are committed to helping Black people lead extraordinary lives through life coaching.”


The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the network’s products and services throughout the calendar year 2015.


About Black Life Coaches Network: The network was founded in 2011 by award-winning author, inspirational speaker and community mentor Dr. Towanna Freeman. The organization connects and empowers the black community through its premier website which is loaded with informative, quality self-improvement and wellness information to help people become their best self.


BLCLife is the online home for Black Life Coaches Network, and provides information ranging from the areas of relationships and parenting to health and wellness to entrepreneurship and career. The website exists to connect the Black community to valuable life changing solutions and strategies with practitioners who can deliver just that.


Today there are over 300 coaching professionals in the Black Life Coaches Network.  Members are certified coaches, counselors, clergy and therapists. To join the top life coaching and personal development network in the black community, complete the membership form today.

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