Building Your Brand as a Freelance Massage Therapist

Building Your Brand as a Freelance Massage Therapist

The life of a freelance massage therapist can often be a lot of fun. You’re not confined to one location, you can set your own hours, and there are little overhead costs to worry about. If you’re just starting out on your freelance journey, then the first order of business will be getting the word out about your services.

While it is important to focus on key marketing and advertising tactics such as social media marketing and website development, there is more to it. As many get caught up in the new trends of marketing, many forget one of the most effective means of marketing – word of mouth.

Quality Customer Service = Effective Word of Mouth Marketing

According to an article in Forbes, 92% of all consumers still believe the word of a friend or family member over any form of advertising. With that being said, how can you get your customers talking about your massage services to improve your brand and grow your business? You’ll need to provide quality customer service. From the very moment that you book an appointment up until you’ve completed the massage, you need to give the ultimate customer experience that encourages them to want to pass the word along.

Below are some suggestions on how to accomplish this:

Being Flexible

When it comes to the massage therapy industry, flexibility is very important. This is even truer for freelance massage therapists. By being a freelancer, you’re providing the convenience for your customers to receive a relaxing massage from the comfort of their own home. This alone makes you high in demand as they don’t have to visit a salon, and wait to be serviced. With that in mind, you can see how flexibility is very important. Customers want to know that they can schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for them and receive your services accordingly.

While you don’t have to have a 24 hour business, you do need to have a schedule that is open to meet the needs of your target customers. For example, if your idea is to target the everyday business professional, having service hours from 9-5 probably won’t bring in much business. Since they’re at work during those hours, chances are they can’t book an appointment at those times. While being a freelancer has it perks as it pertains to scheduling, you do need to be flexible so that your customer is not inconvenienced, or else they’ll move on to someone else.

Be Organized and Punctual

Keeping up with your appointments and being timely requires both organization and punctuality. Disorganization leads to overbooking appointments, or even worse, missing appointments. There are plenty of tools and resources out there that can be used to help you keep your schedule intact. Appointment setting software and email calenders are often the best resources to use. Your customers can easily check your calendar, and set up an appointment during a time that you’re available and that is convenient for them. When it’s nearing appointment time, automatic reminders can be sent out to you and to your customer so that everyone is on the same page. This keeps customers happy and allows you to set up your day accordingly.

As for punctuality, being on time is very important to providing a good customer experience. Your client’s time is valuable to them, and it should be to you. Showing up late to an appointment gives off the impression that you’re not professional, nor do you value your client’s time. In order to remain punctual, it is ideal to give enough travel time between appointments, and to try and arrive at your destination at least 15 minutes ahead of time.

Provide the Ultimate Customer Experience

Last on the list is providing the ultimate customer experience. Customers will ultimately spread positive news about your services if you provide them with the best experience possible. Likewise, customers will report negative news about your business if the services are lackluster or poor in nature. Believe it or not, bad news travels a lot faster than good news. To prevent your reputation from being ruined, it is a good idea to provide the best experience possible.

The type of experience customers will encounter from a massage therapist will depend on a few things, your skills and abilities, along with the tools and equipment you use. For instance, having a customer lay on their couch to receive a massage will probably result in negative feedback. However, massage chairs are a great way to ensure you can give your clients the best experience possible. Look for a portable massage chair for sale and start investing in your business with quality equipment while expanding upon your skills and abilities. The more you can offer a client, the more willing they are to use your service again and pass the word along.

Through flexibility, convenience, organization, punctuality, and providing the ultimate experience, your freelance massage therapy services will certainly flourish. The better prepared you are to give your clients the quality customer service they deserve; the better it is for business. Happy customers equate to repeat business and referrals. So if you’re looking to get ahead, you’ll have to put your best foot forward on the daily basis.

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