[VIDEO] 10 Things Men Need To Avoid To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

If you are a man who truly wants a quality relationship with a loving, honorable woman, you need to look realistically and honestly at what you are doing. Some actions and attitudes could damage your relationship or lose the love of a good woman.

Here are 10 things men need to avoid to maintain a healthy relationship:

1.  Being overbearing or controlling: Don’t demand to be treated as the king in your castle. Yes, your home is your castle, but you have to respect that there is a queen there also, not a servant.

2.  Expecting your woman to be your Mama: A mature, loving woman is not going to remain in a relationship in which she has to take care of a man like he is a child. She is there to listen, share, and support her man, as long as he is also doing the same for her and treating her as an individual that matters.

3.  Confusing “having sex” with “making love”: Sex is a physical act, while making love is an expression of an emotional connection with your lover. Touching, cuddling, looking at her and speaking to her lovingly all convey that emotional connection that she wants.

4.  Not listening, just trying to “fix things”: Many times when a woman tells you about a problem she is experiencing, she is not asking for you to tell her how to fix it. Rather, she just wants someone to listen with compassion, and to understand what she is going through.

5.  Expecting her to want sex whenever you want it: It is not a woman’s job to give her man sex on demand. Be romantically affectionate without being demanding, allowing your partner the freedom to choose. If she truly does not feel like having sex, don’t sulk or take it out on her for simply listening to her own needs.

6.  Expecting her to plan everything: Just because women may be good at planning, it doesn’t mean they always want to be the ones responsible for making plans. Surprise her by planning something special so she can relax and enjoy it.

7.  Taking advice as criticism: When a woman suggests you do something or handle a situation a certain way, don’t respond with hostility. She is not trying to cut you down with her advice or suggestions, she is trying to support you and help you be your best.

8.  Lacking affection and romance: A woman likes to feel special and appreciated. Even small gestures of affection show that you are thinking about her and love her. Don’t wait for a special occasion or rely on occasional big gifts, but do thoughtful things regularly to show how important she is to you.

9.  Hiding feelings: Men need to show their sensitive sides and allow themselves to be emotional around their partners.

10.  Being intimidated by a woman’s success: You should be happy for your partner’s successes and achievements. Remember that a successful woman is with you because she recognizes your worth, and she knows that together you are a winning team.

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Milo Edwards
I am a Life-Coach, Public Speaker, and Author of “Enjoying A Better You”, a book about learning to have a healthy loving relationship with yourself and others. I am a highly sought-after Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Columnist, who is solution focused and gets results.