The Importance of Maintaining a Great Attitude

The Importance of Maintaining a Great Attitude

Attitude is everything!  That is the saying that we all hear. At times you have to wonder is a great attitude as important as people portray.   You better believe it is!  Let’s say for an example, you have an opportunity for a great career position.  There are 5 candidates that are being interviewed for this great role and one of which is yourself.  3 candidates are immediately disqualified because they did not have the background precisely needed for this role.  Now that just leaves you and another highly qualified individual.

During the interview, the interviewer commented on how impressed he was with your resume.  In all honesty, you were the better candidate.  But, for some unknown reason, you began to behave arrogantly and haughtily.  As the question were being answered, you gave very smart comments and it came off rather rude.  Due to the arrogance of your answers, the interviewer and his team decided to go with the other candidate.  Many times when you go for interviews, the resume has sold you and now the interview is just to see if you are a great fit.

Another example is a dear friend sets you up on a blind date with a terrific young lady.  She is highly interested in you from the way her friend has described you.  She also saw a picture of you and just could not wait to meet you.  Well upon the meeting, you are quite pompous.  Describing your stock options and how much your mortgage cost you per month.  Everyone does not take to vain and arrogant behavior.  Actually it is a turn off to self-assured individuals.  Perhaps if your attitude was a lot more down to earth, the 1st date could have become so much more.

As a consumer, I go back to a doctor, dentist, baker, hair stylist, restaurant, seamstress, etc. because of the treatment I receive.  I had to have a dental procedure done a few years ago.  The dental office was state of the art. The office staff were quite cold and unfriendly.  The dental assistant was pleasant but unfortunately the arrogant dentist sealed his own fate.  He was so rude to his staff and he made some derogatory comments towards me because he was telling me I needed some very hefty dental procedure done and I told him I was not going to have it done just yet. He proceeded to insult me lightly but it was enough for me to say, once I got out of that dental chair, he would never ever see my face again.  The sad part was the dentist did a fine job on the one procedure that I had done that day.  After the dental work, I had no pain, it was done quickly and precisely.  But because of his horrible attitude, I would never return to him.What a lot of business owners don’t realize is when you turn off a new customer, you are cutting yourself off to referrals as well as future business.

Here are some tips for maintaining a great attitude:

1.  Tone it down. Even if you are a very good looking person and highly successful. No one cares.  Stay humble. I live in Chicago with 3 million people.  For every pretty woman there are many more to come.

2.  Be Grateful. Here today and gone today. I lost my Dad in the blink of an eye from a heart attack. Spend your time wisely and in a positive manner.  Being negative and ungrateful creates a bad attitude.

3.  Treat others well. In the bible it speaks of living at peace with all if we can.  If we can was placed in the Bible because there are just some people we won’t be able to get along with.  But for all of the others, treat them with love and respect.

4.  Count the good. There are many reasons to smile: Freedom to vote, worship, smile, exercise, love, live and change careers.  We have more good than we realize. Take out time to count it all up.

5.  Getting the blood flowing will crank up those happy endorphins.

6.  Spirituality. Working on our spirituality can’t do anything but create a positive flow of feelings. I enjoy reading God’s word and other positive books.  It keeps me in a good place.

7.  Silence is golden. When I am not at my best, I silence myself. Complaining does not help and sometimes people are just tired of hearing it.  Change what you can and forget the rest.  Bad times don’t last forever and when you have a problem remember nothing stays the same.  This too shall pass.

A great attitude is priceless.  No one can pay for a great attitude.  It is a way of life.

Thank you for reading.

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Tammi C. Walker
Tammi C. Walker was born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is a life coach and owner of Dreams Are A Reality. She also is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.