2 Obstacles That Deter You From A Career Change

2 Obstacles That Deter You From A Career Change

When was the last time you really thought about “How happy am I in my career?”   Are you happy with your career choice?  If not, when do you believe is the right time to change your career?  Is it important to you that your job is fulfilling?  Are you ready to spend the rest of your professional life in a career which you are not happy?

If not, you may want to start with understanding who you are and what you really want.  Many of us become dissatisfied in our careers and desire change.  You may want to write down some questions regarding; what type of job would be meaningful to you; your interests, values, strengths, skills, plus more.  Once you have answered these questions, move forward not settling for a job that would not genuinely make you happy.

Now that you have a better understanding of what type of job or career best fits you.  Next, create a strategy and plan for how you will make the career change.  You will need to decide on when you will begin to take action for starting the process of changing your job or career.  You achieving your newfound job or career aspirations will depend on how motivated and dedicated you are in making it a reality.

Yes, responsibilities for taking care of the family, bills, retirement, college fund, vacation, and the list goes on are all truths.  Are you someone who wants your work to be satisfying, which you are able to make a difference?  Then ask yourself, when is the best time to pursue a meaningful career.  There is no better time than the present.  What are you waiting on?

You know when you are not pleased with your job or career path, but you decide to stay.  Sometimes your daily life may be so overwhelming that it delays your plans for making a change.  You may feel guilty that making a change in order to follow your dreams would be selfish, especially if it means earning a lower income, or upsets your family and friends.

A person’s job or career is one of the most wholehearted ways they can experience life as their true self.  Why delay it?  Think about how you may inspire someone else to live their dreams, because they saw you do so.

Discovering Yourself

How do you go about discovering yourself and a career that would be rewarding?  You can start with eliminating road blocks that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals.  The two biggest obstacles that deter us from achieving our dreams are fear and lack of clarity.

Fear – halts all progress towards change.  It can impact our thoughts leading us to believe it is too late to change; I am too old to change jobs; if I change jobs now I may have to start in an entry level position; What if I fail . . .

It is normal to be afraid of change and it is necessary to acknowledge it.  Do not let it prevent you from moving forward.  One way of conquering your fear is to talk or read about other people who have gone through a life/career change.

Lack of Clarity – It is obvious to most people what they do not want, rather than what they really want.  Sometimes we are more concerned with living our lives as other’s would expect us to rather than living our lives in a way that makes us happy.  Or we are unsure how to transfer our skills and talent into a more satisfying job or career.

How to Accomplish Career Goals?

Coaching is an excellent way in helping you to learn how to accomplish career goals.  It inspires you to discover your inner-self; determine what you should be focusing on; and how you can go about achieving your career change.  As a Certified Professional Coach, I can help you with your vision and plan for creating a whole new life for yourself, by supporting and guiding you in accomplishing your career and life goals.

You can start learning more about yourself today, by signing up to take the complimentary Soft Skills Assessment and the Strategy Session to discover how our Career Development Program can help you to achieve the career and life you have always imagined.

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Mae Newsome
Mae Newsome is a Certified Professional Coach and Human Resource Associate who has established a professional life coaching service that focuses on career development, time management, balance and self-care, and interpersonal conflict resolution.