6 Easy Tips to Conquer Stress

6 Easy Tips to Conquer Stress

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain as a result of very demanding situations. It is a natural reaction and affects everyone from time to time. Stress can be cause be a number of things in life such as deadlines at work, a mounting pile of bills, and many others things. While having a little stress is okay, having too much can negatively affect you life. It can cause problems in your health, well-being, and relationships with others.

The upside of all this is you can take steps to reduce stress no matter where it is coming from. This will help you feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

Try one of these easy tips the next time you feel stressed out:

  1. Accept Things that you cannot change. Every day in life we encounter things that we cannot change or control, but instead of focusing on those things and how difficult they are just accept them. Learn to understand that you cannot control or change everything around you. Sometimes you just have to let them be.
  2. Enjoy a mental vacation. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed about things that you cannot control take break. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, then exhale all the tension you are feeling. Clear your mind and focus on something that does not cause you stress as you do this your body will relax and feel less pressure.
  3. Get Moving. In order to reduce stress levels in your life make sure to include regular exercise as part of your routine. Research has shown that exercise releases endorphins which are sometime referred to as “your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters” this can help you to feel calm, happier, and relaxed.
  4. Watch what you eat. Make an honest effort to eat healthy foods and do not overload your body with junk foods. Also make sure you are not just eating to be eating.
  5. Rest. Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest at night. Sleep is our body’s natural time to repair and recover which helps to reduce stress levels and maintain health. If you are not allowing your body this recovery period you will feel tired and add to your stress levels.
  6. Know your limits. Do not be afraid to say no to family, friends, and coworkers. Be honest about the amount of things that you can handle at one time and be honest about knowing when to ask for help. Also do not place unrealistic expectations on yourself.

Stress is a regular occurrence in our everyday lives, but by practicing these strategies you will be able to release tension, defeat stress, and feel happier.

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Tandee Salter
Tandee Salter is a native of Columbus, Georgia, a certified life coach, and founder of 8th Jubilee Coaching, LLC. Known as The Confidence Engineer she helps women gain clarity and build confidence to achieve their goals and live a life they love with no apologies.