6 Ways To Build A Positive Attitude

6 Ways To Build A Positive Attitude

Do you go through life as an optimist or pessimist?  Take a moment and think about what type of thoughts mostly occupy your mind throughout the day.  Are they positive or negative thoughts?  Do you believe that someone would be able to tell how you are feeling based on when you are thinking positively or negatively?

When you enter a room filled with your friends or co-workers does it appear that people are happy to see you or does it seem as if their mood plunges, as if they are waiting for something unpleasant to happen?  If you never thought about it, then take a moment now and think back.  Was your frame of mind in a positive or negative state at the time?  What we think impacts how we feel and our disposition when interacting with others and in certain situations.  Not to mention how our demeanor can influence what people think about us and how they treat us.

Who do you believe needs to have a positive attitude?

How Does a Positive Attitude Effect Your Life?

As you may have already realized our thoughts are very powerful.  How do you want to present yourself throughout your life?  Do you want to be the person that everyone enjoys being around or someone who people try to hide from when they see you coming?  If you are wondering how does a positive attitude effect your life?  Here are some ways:

  • Hopeful, healthy, and happy thinking helps in encouraging you to go after what you want in life and better equips you in overcoming problems.
  • Optimism is energizing to you and others around you. It is a self-assured energy which may impress others and possibly increase your influence.
  • More people are attracted to you, which could result in new personal and professional relationships and opportunities.
  • It promotes good mental health allowing you to cope better with stress, resulting in decreased physical health risks.
  • Some studies have shown that it even slows down the aging process.

What Can I Do To Have A Positive Attitude?

In having a healthy self-image can help you to be more enthusiastic about life.  Becoming satisfied and confident in who you are will boost the way you look at your life and the world.  First and foremost be true to yourself.  Agreeing with others’ point of view or participating in activities you do not believe in hinders your growth and prosperity.  In addition, it makes you feel bad about yourself for making poor decisions.

6 Ways To Build A Positive Attitude

Here are some tips to answer the question what can I do to have a positive attitude?

  • Come up with your own daily affirmations and say each to yourself throughout the day, especially when you realize you are thinking negatively in order to build your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Change something about your appearance that you know will make you happy. A new hairstyle or cut; add color to your wardrobe that will uplift your spirits; wearing make-up or a new shade of lipstick; paint your nails; get a pedicure or manicure; do something that you know will boost your inner health.
  • Write down all of your blessings and everything that is great in your life which you are grateful for. Read it when you need to get back on track for being optimistic.
  • Exercising and eating healthier can boost your morale. Once you start to see the results your confidence and self-esteem will take off.
  • Mastering a skill, talent, or even hobby can help elevate your mental state. This can be promising and motivating for you, helping you to realize that your hard work does pay off.
  • Doing something nice for someone can be very fulfilling. Think about how you felt the last time someone did something for you that made your day.  Make someone else feel the same way.

On a daily basis use some of these suggestions or think of your own for developing a positive outlook on life.  Change your life by incorporating optimism into your life daily. As you know, positive changes in life start with positive thinking.  How would your life change if you had a positive attitude a majority of the time?

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Mae Newsome
Mae Newsome is a Certified Professional Coach and Human Resource Associate who has established a professional life coaching service that focuses on career development, time management, balance and self-care, and interpersonal conflict resolution.