4 Ways To Motivate Yourself By Focusing On Your Clients

4 Ways To Motivate Yourself By Focusing On Your Clients

There are a lot of established entrepreneurs and newcomers in the world today. It is good to know people are branching out on their own to build businesses that fulfill a need and provide quality services. It is also great to observe business owners creating the lives they want by being their own bosses.

As many already know, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as many people like to believe. Entrepreneurs have to be willing to take risks, build a client base, learn how to manage many areas of their business, and not become defeated when things do not go the way they envisioned.

Sometimes it seems building a thriving and successful business is a never ending task with all the moving parts and areas to oversee. In the midst of getting everything off the ground, some entrepreneurs lose sight of why they started the businesses. They get distracted by how easy things look for other business owners. They feel like they will never have the right formula to make their business popular and profitable. They forget who they are trying to serve which makes their business venture unexciting and far from fulfilling.

In the dark days of working hard and not seeing any results, the large grey cloud of defeat darkens the day-to-day activities that once lit the entrepreneurs up. The growth stage is daunting and having the capacity to be self-motivating falls flat.

When I mentor new entrepreneurs and they are having a bad day, I always remind them to think about their role in serving their clients. When you are focused on your client base, you are able to see your way out of bleak moments that threaten all the hard work you’ve put forth. You have a better chance of talking yourself into getting help and support instead of talking yourself out of your dream to be a successful business owner.

If you, as an entrepreneur, find yourself having strong self-doubt about your business, here are 4 ways to motivate yourself by focusing on your clients:

Consistently update your blog

To build your client base and stay in contact with them, it is important to keep your blog updated. Sharing something you learned, information about an upcoming event, transitions happening in your business, and tips on how to do something is a great way to increase engagement with your clients. Your blog posts do not have to be long, but they should provide information that can positively shift your clients’ day or their thinking. Having a call-to-action in your blog posts is also another way to support your clients and increase their interest in what your business is doing.

Send out a survey

If you are unsure of what to include in your blog posts or what types of events your clients may be interested in, ask them. Creating a survey that is 10 questions or fewer is another way to engage current and potential clients. Asking for their viewpoint, perspective, or input can guide you in making minor or large tweaks in your business practices. Survey data can also help you understand how your clients think which allows you be more responsive when making business decisions.

Interact on social media.

Many entrepreneurs work hard at establishing their social media presence. They have pictures and inspirational quotes that speak to their business and what they can provide for clients. This is only one aspect of having successful social media streams. Be sure to consistently update your social media accounts with posts and also respond to followers when they have questions or suggestions. People like to know they are being heard and their input matters. By connecting with clients and potential clients through your responses, they are more likely to share your social media updates and refer you to people they know.

Share your story.

With technology providing an easy platform for people to connect from all parts of the world, it is important for entrepreneurs to stand out by sharing their own story. Any transition, transformation, failure, or success that can be appropriately shared with your clients and social media followers is a great way for them to learn about you as a business professional. People like to know how they can fit into your business and where the similarities show up. By sharing your story, it increases authentic connections and resonate with people who are looking to support entrepreneurs who understand their individual, but similar, stories.

As an entrepreneur, what keeps you motivated to focus on your business goals?

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