5 Masters of Frivolous Spenders

5 Masters of Frivolous Spenders

When you live a frivolous lifestyle you don’t live a whole lifestyle. When I say “whole”, I mean in the sense of “true” and complete. You’re lifestyle makes your life one that is only on the surface of what life is really about. Your life becomes consumed with a higher standard of living, rather than a better quality of life. Life can mean so much more to you and others if you make the frivolous things in life mean so much less. Nonetheless, when you don’t, you inadvertently wind up giving yourself 5 different masters.

5 Masters of Frivolous Spenders:

Your job – Every day we are within arm’s reach of someone that hates their job or would like to start their own business. The number 1 reason why these people go to those jobs every day, because of past personal financial decisions.

Credit card companies – The collections industry is a billion-dollar one. So is the banking industry. Why? Because of people who just can’t stop swiping. Between collection fees, transaction fees, annual fees, wiring fees and interest rates, the replacement of cash for plastic is yielding much more cash for institutions. The allure of getting now, paying later, forces some people to continue working at jobs they hate. Hence, number 1 on this list.

Credit score – Some people are more caught up with their credit score than their bank balance. Yes, credit score is important, but credit doesn’t trump cash and it causes people to become afraid to chase their dreams in fear of affecting it. Where do you think institutions people get the ability to make loans? Their depositors’ frugal cash management.

Friends and Family – How do we deal with loved ones we hate? (Well, not hate, but dislike.) It’s a complex question. However, what I can say is as long as those “hated” friends and family can make loans to us, the frivolous spenders, we can’t just stop dealing with them, as much as we dislike them. Their economics make them tolerable.

Yourself – Who you really are and what you would really like to do in life never makes it into physical form. Your true thoughts and ideals become stifled when you’re a frivolous spender. No one gets to know who you truly are, stand for and believe in because your money will be following a journey that makes you agreeable to anything along its path.

As much as we believe masters only exists on plantations, I can tell you that’s not the case. There are many more spiritual and emotional masters that control us; preventing us from living a life we are yearning to live. If you only stop and assess your life deeply for a minute, you’ll soon come to realize that you may be a slave living on a plantation that may be a long ways away from emancipating you.

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Devin Robinson
Devin Robinson is also a business and economics professor, entrepreneur, author of 8 self-help books and media commentator. He is the founder of Beauty Supply Institute, an organization that assists individuals in beauty supply ownership and the founder of Urban Business Institute, a research and training organization that runs Small Business Academy across 14 U.S. cities and 1 international country.