5 Money Mantras A Financial Coach Lives By To Have Money & Wealth

5 Money Mantras A Financial Coach Lives By To Have Money & Wealth

These days you can Google just about anything you want to know about money. From how to save money to the best budget calculator. Regardless of the topic, typically, it’s been covered, written about by many professionals and googleable (if that’s even a word now, but it could be, Google it!). However, one thing you may not find as easily on Google is, what we, the financial professional, do to keep our financial house in order.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you may find our techniques and strategies, which we learned by formal teaching or experience. We’re not just sharing theory (however, let me speak for myself, I only share what I have learned or experienced). But you may not find what we do in our own private lives to stay on track, be empowered and get the results we are seeking in our financial lives. So, I thought I’d lead and be a bold example of what we as financial professionals should do; we should share a bit more with our supporters about our own struggles, successes, troubles and triumphs.

Since everything starts in the mind, I’d like to share five of my personal money mantras. These mantras or mindsets have helped me to manifest money I didn’t have, to stress less if at all about money, be confident about my ability to master my money and to focus on why money matters to me at all.

  1. “Money is a tool I use to live the life I want and deserve to live”
  2. “I manifest money in abundance and quickly and I never struggle because it flows to me easily and consistently”
  3. “I am wealthy”
  4. “Each day I am a better steward of my abundance”
  5. “My abundance flows from an Infinite Source, it never runs out”

Together, these mantras keep my mind where it needs to be in order for me to have financial success. Remember, our thoughts become words, which turn into actions. If we think it, we say it and we do it. Every thought about money then becomes very deliberate and arranged to achieve a result beyond the number or dollar amount.

You can create your own mantras about money or use mine to get you started. They work for me and they could work for you too. Although my financial success is attributed to more than just my mindset about money, my mindset is the most important piece. Yours is too. Develop a morning and night ritual of reciting your mantras. You can learn more about what it takes to thrive and have financial success by joining our community of money masters and wealth builders.

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Dr. Dominique' N. Reese
Dr. Dominique’ Reese, owner of Reese Financial Services and creator of Master My Money, is a personal finance expert, coach & strategist, speaker, educator, author, blogger, and consultant with 10+ years experience in the financial services industry.