How to Choose Your College Major With Confidence

How to Choose Your College Major With Confidence

During the process of choosing a college you also have to decide what you would like to major in. At the very least you have to narrow done your choices. In some cases you may even enter college with your major undeclared and there is nothing wrong with that.

Selecting a major is a big decision as it determines what the majority of your studies will focus on. The major you select with be highly connected to your goals, likes, and dislikes. You want your major to be something that interest you and will help you reach your career goals which can also effect the overall picture you have of what your ideal life will look like.

So how do you choose your major and be confident about your choice? Here are some tips.

1.  Ask Questions. Do not be afraid to speak to counselors or others who have majored in areas of your interest. Also ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What are your areas of interest?
  • What skills do you currently have? Which ones would you like to gain?
  • Do you have any hobbies that you would like to pursue as a career?
  • What did you learn about what you like and dislike from your past work experience?

2.  Do not panic. While picking a college major is important, remember that picking one is not a final decision. It is very common for college students to change majors. Sometimes it takes some trial and error in finding a field that really fits you. Do not stress yourself out over deciding on a major; just keep an open mind and be honest with yourself.

3.  Be aware of time constraints. If you know you want to go into the medical field or another field that requires intensive training and preparation, it is best that you pick your major quickly. Programs for field like these often come with time constraints such as program application deadlines and additional testing or prerequisites that must be completed.

4.  Ignore negativity. Once you decide on your major ignore negativity from all who may say your major is too easy or tell you it’s too hard for you. Push out negative self-talk, that says you “you can’t” or “you won’t be successful.” You can and will be successful you just have to focus on remaining positive and not letting negativity distract you.

Going to college is a great experience. You will meet many new people and experience new things. There will be some easy days and some hard days as well, but choosing a major does not have to be hard for you. Just follow these steps and remember your major has to be your choice for you to be happy and successful, which are both things you deserve.

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Tandee Salter
Tandee Salter is a native of Columbus, Georgia, a certified life coach, and founder of 8th Jubilee Coaching, LLC. Known as The Confidence Engineer she helps women gain clarity and build confidence to achieve their goals and live a life they love with no apologies.