8 Ways To Eliminate Your Excuses

8 Ways To Eliminate Your Excuses

Excuses are tools of the incompetent which create monuments of nothingness. Those who specialize in them are seldom good in anything…  -Author Unknown-

Take Responsibility! I’m sure you have that one friend or family member that always has an excuse for something! How many people do you know that are about that “excuse life”?

Excuses have now become a deeply embedded part of many folks DNA! and we allow those we love to live with their excuses without confronting them head on so they can own their mess or their word.  The EXCUSE LIFE is filled with so many coulda, shoulda, wouldas and didn’t get a chances, topped with the, what had happen was… enough is enough!

8 Ways To Eliminate Your Excuses

How can you eliminate excuses from your life or help others eliminate them? Try these tips!

1. Try to identify excuses. It’s a bit difficult task but you have to do it. Some people justify their excuses as good “reasons”, but whether it’s a good one or a bad one, an excuse is still an excuse.

2. Stop making statements like “I can if”, “I can’t because”, “If I had, I could do that”, “Let me explain why I can’t”, “The circumstances doesn’t allow”, “Luck isn’t with me”. Try to use “I can” as much as possible. When life chooses you for challenges, don’t say “Why me”, instead say “Try me”.

3. Look for upcoming challenges and try to make future plans about how to tackle them, what to do in good circumstances and what to do if circumstances get worse. But don’t try to escape from the challenging opportunities with your excuses.

4. After the identification of excuses, its time to eliminate them. Try to eliminate them with your more positive attitude and direct your thoughts to a more positive outcome. If you are thinking “I do not have enough time to take a break from my schedule”, just start thinking the opposite, “I have plenty of time and nothing to do, so I will use my time wisely for a productive purpose”.

5. Traditionally, it’s a belief that if you failed at something several times, you don’t have potential to do it. Just think outside the box to achieve your goals. If you start accepting challenges and winning in these situations, your confidence level will boost up to accept further challenges and to accomplish them.

6. Try to overcome the fears in your life. The fear of failure, embarrassment, change, uncertainty.

7. Avoid making comparisons. As everyone is not equal in skills and capabilities. Like a fish can’t be judged by the ability to climb a tree. Similarly, everyone has his/her own specialties. Just be expert at what you are good at.

8. Accept the responsibilities of failure & mistakes. When you take full responsibility, your confidence level to achieve the results boosts up and you can perform tasks in a much better way. OWN IT!

When you stop making excuses, you will see that your life will be challenging and victorious at the same time. People will respect your word and that feeling of accomplishment will make you feel better and will give you internal satisfaction. OWN YOUR MESS! woman or man up to a challenge and face it head on. Say No if you need to but don’t give excuses!

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