How To Activate The Power Of Your Focus

How To Activate The Power Of Your Focus

Do you have so many open-ended projects that you are working on that you’re not sure which one to focus on first? Do you feel like you are spread so thin and nothing is getting accomplished? Focus is Key to Your Success! It’s time to complete those projects and set some new goals. There is so much more inside of you and now is a good time to do some Spring Cleaning, complete those old projects, and make room for new goals and new accomplishments.

So, the first step is to assess what you’ve been working on. If you’re like me, you wake up with your to-do list swarming around in your head!

Think about what needs to get accomplished today OR what will produce the greatest results in your life if you complete it now. Prioritize these projects. You may even want to prioritize them by which ones you can accomplish the quickest. When you begin to accomplish and complete these projects, you will feel lighter, less stressed, and experience a sense of confidence and encouragement to accomplish the next task on your list.

When we are distracted, our thoughts are scattered and nothing gets accomplished. Have you heard the saying, “A confused mind does nothing!”? It’s true. Have you ever felt like everything was coming at you all at once and you jumped in the bed and pulled the covers over your head? Talk about real brain-freeze! Most of the time we are multi-tasking, and no one is really getting the best of who we truly are. At the end of the day, we feel as though we’ve done a lot, but we’ve really just been busy and not fully productive. Everyone and everything received a piece of us yet they never fully experienced what we are truly capable of accomplishing! There is a Power attached to your Focus, Attractive Thinker! What you focus on, you magnify and give more of your energy to. When energy is applied to a thing, it becomes empowered in your life. So, can you see what happens when you give your energy to a thing AND when your energy is not focused on a specific area of your life?

I encourage you to activate the Power of Your Focus Today to complete those open-ended projects and make room for some new things to take place in your life!

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Dr. Toni Hatton
Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker is a Vision and Mindset Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author of Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You!, Creator of The Attractive Thinker Movement and the From Sight to Vision Mastermind Experience! As a result of a defining moment in her life in which she supported her son in shifting from sight to total darkness, Dr. Toni now supports her clients who have sight but lack vision because his darkness became her light!