It’s Your Divine Right To Be Happy

It's Your Divine Right To Be Happy

Great Day Attractive Thinker! Most were taught that suffering was being in alignment. If there’s no drama going on, then they aren’t comfortable.

Real alignment is bliss! Love, Joy, and Peace… When you align with what makes your heart sing, you unlock the endlessness of yourself and you enter into a whole new way of living, existing, and showing up in the world! Yes, FREEDOM to CHOOSE can be scary but submitting to a shoe that’s 3 sizes too small is a lifetime of pure torture!!!

Do you ever wonder why it’s taking so long to accomplish and start living your dream? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “Where is my life?” Attractive Thinker, you are not alone! I congratulate you for finding this article because this is your defining moment! Do you ever find yourself saying, “I am tired of this! This really gets on my nerves!” This is an indication that you have a strong attachment to not having what you desire.

Most people believe that suffering is alignment. They struggle to believe that they can live a happy, joyful, exciting life, full of new/fulfilling experiences! It’s the belief system that is driving their lives. They believe that in this life you will have to suffer and they’ve become comfortable with creating/attracting a lifetime of suffering. This is far from the truth! Yes, we all face challenging situations in life, but they aren’t designed to become a lifestyle! Challenges come to make us strong, support us in teaching us valuable lessons, and guiding us as to which path to take in life. When we are faced with the same repetitive challenges, we must assess to see if we are getting better, or not growing at all.

Truth is: It’s your Divine Right to be happy! Since each day is a new day, we are supposed to bounce out of the bed with anticipation of creating new experiences for ourselves and being open to the possibilities of what this new day may bring! You are wired to have your needs met and your dreams fulfilled. This is why you become uncomfortable when your needs aren’t met.

Why do you think that we have visions? They don’t appear just to have something to smile secretly about. They are coming attractions that can be our realities when acted upon. If you can see it in your vision, you can create it in your life!

Attractive Thinker Assignment:

  1. Make the decision to end the relationship with suffering and begin to develop a relationship with true bliss!
  2. Fall in love with you and life again!
  3. Pull out your childhood dreams, dust them off, and believe in them again!
  4. Start putting your needs first and making you and your desires a priority!
  5. Stop giving yourself away, by saying yes when you should be saying no!

Understand that “No” is a complete sentence that leaves the door open for the right person to say “Yes”!

When was the last time that you were truly happy? When was the last time you did something just for you? Are you aligned with your values/the things that bring you joy? I say to my clients all of the time, “We can lose a lot of things in this life, but if we lose ourselves, this is when we’ve lost everything!”

~Think Attractively!

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Dr. Toni Hatton
Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker is a Vision and Mindset Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author of Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You!, Creator of The Attractive Thinker Movement and the From Sight to Vision Mastermind Experience! As a result of a defining moment in her life in which she supported her son in shifting from sight to total darkness, Dr. Toni now supports her clients who have sight but lack vision because his darkness became her light!