What You’re Seeking Is Also Seeking You

What You're Seeking Is Also Seeking You

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!  Ever knocked on a door and no one came to the door? The first thing that comes to mind, especially if you know that someone is home, is to take a few steps back and begin to look for the familiar. You look to see if their car is outside. Then you look to see if you can see a shadow moving past a window. You may even listen closely to see if you hear movement or voices behind the closed door. Why? Maybe it’s because something is telling you that someone must be home! Well, it’s a good idea to use these same practices when knocking on the doors of “Life”! How many times have you knocked on the door called business, just to have no one answer? What about the door called dreams? It may appear to open and just as you step up to walk in, it slams right in your face! BAM! Oh, I’ve got one, how about the door called family or relationships? Just when you think you’ve got it together and everyone’s happy, BAM! The door slams right in your face.

Well, how many times should one knock on the door before they walk away? The answer? Until it opens! You keep knocking, especially if you know what you’re seeking is on the other side of that closed door! Ever heard the saying, “What you’re seeking is also seeking YOU!”? Well, keep knocking. Doors have purposes in our lives. They keep some things in and other things out. Maybe the door you’re knocking on right now will not open because it’s actually keeping something out of your life that you cannot handle right now. OR, maybe, you’re supposed to knock a little longer to develop your passion and prove that you are serious about wanting what’s on the other side of that door. Alot of times we say we are ready, but as soon as we knock on that door and it doesn’t open, we walk away thinking it will never open. There’s a time for everything! Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

Matthew 7:7

Knock… Knock… It’s There!

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Dr. Toni Hatton
Dr. Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker is a Vision and Mindset Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author of Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You!, Creator of The Attractive Thinker Movement and the From Sight to Vision Mastermind Experience! As a result of a defining moment in her life in which she supported her son in shifting from sight to total darkness, Dr. Toni now supports her clients who have sight but lack vision because his darkness became her light!