Are You Attracting The Hit And Run Sex Man?

Are You Attracting The Hit And Run Sex Man?

Many women often ask me, “Why do I attract men that only want sex and are not interested in a committed relationship?”

I know times have changed and you feel that you should be allowed and have the right to ask a man out on a date or to marry you.  Right?  And YOU CAN absolutely do that if you like!  But, when you aggressively pursue a man, you are actually taking on the masculine role in the relationship.  Also by asking him out you ultimately put you at risk, of heartbreak and you destroy the opportunity for him to earn your love and affection.

Here’s why!  Even, the high-quality good relationship-ready men are wired to want to have sex frequently and many will have sex with almost any woman that they are physically attracted to, even if he doesn’t care about her or see a future with her.  And, when he does, he certainly does not take on a feminine role by asking himself the questions such as:

  • Do I care for this woman?
  • Is she my ideal wife type?
  • What are her goals?

This is simply because, a woman’s attraction to a man is based on his personality, image and wear with-all to provide; but with men, physical attraction over-rides personality and compatibility considerations… especially when it comes to sex.

So as a woman, when you are the aggressor, you make a man lazy by giving him a FREE “Sex without consideration” pass.  On the other hand, when you make yourself less available and give him the space to put in the work of pursuing you, IF he is even interested in you, this process forces him to think more about his intentions, chemistry, compatibility and a potential future with you.

As women, you MUST take your dating to a higher level of consciousness, by stop inviting men into your life who are attracted to you and want to have sex with you, but are not interested in building a future with you.

If you get this, you will stop your heart from dripping blood: A man only develops an emotional connection (or bond) with a woman when he EARNS her love!  And by earning I don’t mean playing hard to get, because if a man doesn’t feel that he has a chance with you, he won’t be motivated to pursue you.

Ladies there is a huge difference between pursuing a man and graciously tossing a hint that lets him know that you are open to a relationship with him.  This is an art that women have lost in today’s microwave dating world.   In my book Successful Women Date Differently and Get Mr. Right University programs, I teach women how to break their unconscious tendencies & behavior patterns and learn how to Date Differently by consciously mastering the skills of attracting a relationship-ready man that wants a relationship with you.

Mr. Right is out there waiting, but first you really have to change your thinking, your behavior and your approach, if you want to STOP the insanity and change the results you are currently getting with every Tom, Dick and Harry…. AKA: Mr. Wrong!

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Camille Sheppard-Parrish
Camille Sheppard, PhDc, MBA is a relationship coach and the founder of a Camille Sheppard & Associates, a boutique relationship and life development coaching firm as well as the Successful Women Date Differently Brand and Camille Speaks!