7 Ways to Become a Better Leader

7 Ways to Become a Better Leader

How do you rate yourself as a leader?  Are you satisfied with the way you lead others?  Do you believe there is room for improvement in regards to your leadership style?  Leading others can be demanding; especially, if your team members are not pleased with your guidance.  It is not always possible to satisfy everyone, but it is important to have all team members supportive of achieving the business goals delegated.  Here are some ways that may help you to become a better leader in encouraging and directing a more productive team:

Be Self Aware

Being mindful of and knowing what type of leader you are will help you to become a more successful leader.  Take time to assess and identify your weaknesses, strengths and values in order to better understand what is behind your motivations when leading the team.  Your discovery of these insights and making improvements will help to increase your competence as a leader.  As a result, others will cooperate more even if they are not completely in agreement.

Clear Communication

Clearly communicate with your team informing them of the business goals you all have been given and are responsible for achieving.  Make sure you specifically inform the team as a group and each member to confirm they understand their objectives for achieving these goals.  Spend time meeting, listening and understanding any concerns and answering any questions they may have in order to discuss and resolve.

Involve the Team

Invite team members to contribute through brainstorming meetings to come up with innovative ways, plans and resolutions for accomplishing company goals.  Utilize the unique experiences and skills of each team member.  Allowing the team to participate and letting them know their feedback matters helps to bring out their creativity, which improves their productivity and the teams’ success.

Determine a Decision Making Process

You cannot please all the people all the time when making important decisions.  Ensure there is a clear decision making process and criteria for reaching significant team choices, so that the project keeps moving forward.  Ensure that when making vital decisions that the process fits the problem or situation, because sometimes you have to take a different approach in finding solutions based on the issues.

Provide what is Necessary 

Learn how to lead a productive team.  If your team is lacking the necessary resources needed for achieving their responsibilities, do not ignore it.  You set yourself and your team up for failure if the necessary resources, skills and expertise are insufficient for accomplishing the business goals.  The insufficiencies could negatively impact the quality of work, product or service you and your team are responsible for delivering.

Encourage and Support Your Team

Be supportive of your team and encourage them during the good and bad times.  Encourage their feedback to understand how they may feel about their responsibilities, problems and the team.  Support them by guiding and encouraging them through any uncertainties or problems they may have.  In your team knowing that they can depend on you will help you in establishing a stronger team, relationships and foundation.

Give Recognition

Remember to recognize team and individual efforts and contributions.  Make it a habit which you are ensuring that you are noticing the successes, efforts and contributions of your team and individuals.  Make sure you give recognition where it is due and celebrate successes in a way which will be meaningful for the team.

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Mae Newsome
Mae Newsome is a Certified Professional Coach and Human Resource Associate who has established a professional life coaching service that focuses on career development, time management, balance and self-care, and interpersonal conflict resolution.